From Salman Khan To Prabhas, Here Are 6 Superstars Who Were Fat Shamed 'Vadapav', 'Budhaa' & 'Uncle' By Netizens After Their Weight Gain!
From ‘Tiger 3’ Salman Khan To Salaar Star Prabhas, 6 Superstars Who Grappled With ‘Vadapav,’ ‘Budhaa,’ & ‘Uncle’ Taunts – The Brutal World Of Celebrity Fat Shaming! (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Celebrities live their lives in the public eye, making them vulnerable to constant scrutiny of their appearance. Fans, media, and social media users often feel entitled to comment on their bodies, leading to both positive and negative remarks. Multiple stars like Salman Khan, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Jr NTR and others have been trolled for their weight gain.

The entertainment industry often perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards, which can put immense pressure on celebrities to maintain a certain image. This pressure can lead to unhealthy habits or mental health issues.

Body shaming and fat shaming are distressing issues that affect celebrities and the general public alike. The impact on mental health can be severe, and it’s essential to promote body positivity, self-acceptance, and respect for individuals regardless of their appearance. Now lets take a look at celebrities from Salman Khan to Jr NTR who had faced trolling over their weight gain.


Prabhas faced relentless online criticism as he became the target of weight-related trolling on social media. Viral images of his weight gain, a result of his preparation for the role of Lord Rama in “Adipurush,” prompted netizens to engage in fat-shaming and mockery.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan was observed grappling to synchronize his dance moves during a wedding performance, which has raised concerns among his fans. The video clip of Tiger 3 star’s performance has triggered worries among his supporters. Furthermore, the actor was subjected to fat-shaming on social media due to his perceived unfit appearance. Netizens also criticized him for relying on VFX (Visual Effects) rather than the gym to maintain his physique.

Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan faced a wave of online criticism and fat shame when a 2016 photograph of him, in which he appeared overweight, circulated widely on the internet. Netizens subjected him to trolling and harshly criticized his weight gain.


Jr NTR had been a frequent target of online trolling regarding his weight and appearance, with some even resorting to calling him unattractive. He openly discussed these experiences on “Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu,” the Telugu adaptation of the popular Hindi game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati.” According to reports, Jr NTR underwent liposuction after his film “Rakhi,” prior to his 2007 movie “Yama Donga.”

Allu Arjun

In 2022, Allu Arjun was captured on camera while shooting in Hyderabad. The actor was seen donning a stylish printed T-shirt paired with black trousers during the shoot. In contrast to his typical on-screen appearance, Allu appeared more robust, possibly due to weight gain for a film role, possibly for “Pushpa 2.” However, this led to a barrage of online trolling from netizens, who spared no mercy in their criticisms of his altered appearance. Netizens called him, “Mota bhai,” “Vadapav look,” “Budhaa” and many more.

Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar, a renowned actor in Tamil cinema known for his style, has experienced a change in his physique in recent years, with noticeable weight gain. In his latest release, ‘Valimai,’ some viewers observed that the actor appeared out of shape, leading to body-shaming from certain fans. However, Ajith Kumar responded to these body-shaming trolls by addressing them on his social media platform and denouncing their behavior.

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