Aryan Khan Granted Bail! Detailed Order Will Be Given Tomorrow Including Operative Part
Bombay High Court Grants Bail For Aryan Khan ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Aryan Khan has been battling to get bail ever since he was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau in a drug bust case. The Bombay High Court, which is hearing Khan’s Bail plea for three consecutive days, has announced the verdict today. Scroll down to know more.

Shah Rukh Khan‘s son had applied for bail multiple times but a session court had declined it. Following which his lawyers moved his bail plea to Bombay High Court. His bail plea hearing began on Monday but was adjourned till today.

As per Bar & Bench report, Bombay High Court grants Aryan Khan bail after being rejected multiple times. Detailed order will be given tomorrow including the bail conditions. During the hearing Advocate Anil Singh, who represents NCB, argued that Aryan is a regular consumer of drugs and evidence has been provided to back the claim. He also said, “We have argued about conscious possession. If two people are together and one person knows about the possession and use of drugs of the second person, then the first person is in conscious possession.”

Singh further argued that Arbaaz Merchant and Aryan Khan are childhood friends and even stayed in the same room when they travelled together. He said that the case is about “concious possession and planning to consume” and hence medical tests were not done. The arguement was previously placed by Khan’s lawyer, Mukul Rohatgi in yesterday’s hearing.

Aryan’s lawyer today countered the argument saying, “there was no conspiracy because there was no meeting of minds. There was no discussion that they met and decided that they will get the substance and smoke, that is conspiracy. There were 1300 people on@ the ship and there was only a connection between Aryan and Arbaaz. The conspiracy alleged against.. this is not a co-incidence, it is conspiracy.“

Anil Singh also cited Supreme Court judgment saying that drug menace is a more heinous crime than culpable homicide and has to be tackled stringently. He also read out judgement on Tofan Singh case and mentioned Showik Chakraborty, Rhea Chakraborty’s brother, to stress how the person who was not found in possession of drugs can be liable for offence. He also cited the arrest memo that mentioned Ayan Khan “had consumption with commercial quantity,” pointing out

If this wasn’t enough, NCB’s lawyer claimed that purported WhatsApp chats have been recovered as well as “CDR which shows that there was connection with Ishmeet. She was carrying drugs that are shown by statements of Baldev and Soumya.” However,

In yesterday’s hearing, Senior advocate Amit Desai, who is representing Aryan Khan argued that the panchnama recorded by the NCB demolishes the case of conspiracy and cited that “Law is – bail is the rule and jail is exception, now it is arrest is the rule and bail is exception.”

Not just that, Desai even argued that the purported ‘WhatsApp chats’ recovered by NCB were inadmissible. He further said, “there are no WhatsApp chats to support the conspiracy theory” and “there is no connection whatsoever between the others”.

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