Arijit Singh Was Once Asked To Pay 5 Crores By A Well-Known Underworld Don & He Stood Stern Against It: “I Don’t Know Ravi Pujari…”
Arijit Singh Was Once Asked To Pay 5 Crores By A Well-Known Underworld Don & He Stood Stern Against It, Here’s What Happened ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Arijit Singh is one of the most sought-after singers of Bollywood at the moment and he has enjoyed the topmost position for a while now. He enjoys a huge fan following not just for his soulful voice but also for his ability to pull off any kind of song. In the year 2015, he became a victim to underground threats as gangster Ravi Pujari got involved through one of the deals.

Sidhu Moose Wala’s open assassination in Punjab has left the entire country in a state of shock. The incident highlights how deep-rooted the underworld connections are when it comes to the film industry. In the past, actor Salman Khan has been a victim of such threats and many such cases have even gone unreported in the past.

In the year 2015, Arijit Singh and his manager Tarsane received threats from underworld don Ravi Pujari. He initially asked the singer to pay over 5 crores but then settled for a couple of free shows when the manager told him that it won’t be possible to arrange such a huge amount in such a short period of time.

In a conversation with Mumbai Mirror, Arijit Singh opened up on how the whole incident played out while he was touring in the US.

“We decided to not go ahead with one such promoter because he kept bargaining for a lower budget. This particular promoter had certain connections and contacted Ravi Pujari, who exerted a lot of pressure on my manager, Tarsane. I do not answer calls when I am at my studio and Pujari kept pressurising Tarsane, who got scared and informed me of the calls, and then filed a police complaint.”, Arijit Singh said.

“I don’t know Ravi Pujari and I did not receive a threat directly from him. He asked me to perform for free at a couple of shows, and my manager was being pushed to comply. I was not asked for any money directly, and honestly, I do not earn that kind of money either.”, the singer added.

However, according to the same report, at that time, DCP M Dahikar had revealed that Arijit Singh did not lodge an FIR and only put up a ‘station diary entry’.

“This is the first time something like this has happened to me. And I don’t think it is a big deal at all. All organisers want to make money and this is getting out of hand because of Ravi Pujari’s name being involved. It’s all a part and parcel of the business.”, Arijit Singh further told the newspaper.

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