Online Portal Lambasts Anek Director Anubhav Sinha, "This Idiot Was Not Asked For Any Money & Is He Lying..."
Anek Director Anubhav Sinha Called Out By An Online Portal(Photo Credit–Instagram)

Bollywood director Anubhav Sinha’s film Anek is gearing up for release this week. However, his 2020 film Thappad starring Taapsee Pannu in the lead is once again making headlines now. Back in 2020, the filmmaker and his colleagues were enraged over a website’s reportage on the film’s earnings.

It all began when author Assem Chhabra berated a media publication over an inflammatory report that featured a headline, “Audience gives TIGHT SLAP to Thappad”. Soon Anubhav and Ekta Kapoor joined the conversation to slam the publication over insensitive reportage. Now after two years, the publications have finally reacted to the accusations.

Aseem had tweeted, “Such a poor, irresponsible piece. Report the box office figures but keep your regressive, patriarchal views to yourself. Understand that Thappad may not have performed well at BO but that does not change the fact that it is a very important film.”

Actress and media personality Mini Mathur then backed him by her tweet, “Hey Box Office India, why are you almost “celebrating” a film getting lower collections than expected? Isn’t this vicious and ugly reportage of the very industry your represent? A #Thappad for this personal delight.” Producer Ekta Kapoor too tweeted agreeing to their accusations.

Anubhav Sinha, who was seemingly enraged over Box Office India’s report, shared a tweet with several expletives although he apologized later. He wrote, “It has performed very well Aseem. I am the Producer. I have the P&L. Wait. It is doing exactly what I thought it’ll do. Making money. They said similar things about MULK and ARTICLE15. It’s okay.”

In another tweet, the filmmaker wrote, “Thanks Mini for taking this up. So here is the Chronology. These slime balls write shit. Extort money. Stop writing. I don’t pay. They write. I don’t pay. They write again and again and again. I don’t pay and I win. Please see his remarks on Article15 since week1. I rest my case.”

Two years after the episode, Box Office India now decided to react to these allegations by the filmmaker Anubhav Sinha. Not just that, the report even called Anubhav Sinha an ‘idiot’ and denied asking for money from him. The report read, “This is completely fake as no one and we REPEAT no one from this website has ever contacted this director for money or in fact anyone else in the film industry for money to do favourable reports. The director is fully well aware that no one from BoxOfficeIndia has asked for money but has obviously gone on some rant.”

“The way some of these a$$holes work in the film industry is so messed up that it’s unbelievable. You get the paid reviews of x amount of stars, you call in the favours from those idiotic critics to try and make the film work better. Then you have the audacity to say that you refused to pay someone who has not asked for money or would never even think about contacting you just because there is a different stand on the film compared to what you want to portray. It is ridiculous to say the least. It’s pretty simple you and your friends/critics believe your film is good and a hit and that’s great while we believe its trash and flop and thats our take so get on with it and don’t come out with all these false accusations thats it’s being called a flop because you refused to pay money.”

Box Office India then further clarified the inflammatory headline feature on Thappad’s box office report at that time. The publication wrote, “There is also an issue with the heading of the report but from our side, we thought it was very creative. There were other films at the time which were also given a tight slap by the audience like a Chhapaak or Love Aaj Kal but the heading simply makes more sense with Thappad and that is why it was put there. Whatever is put on the site is on the moment and not pre-planned as no one can do that with box office anyway.”

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