Ammy Virk Explains Diljit Dosanjh's POV On Keeping His Family Hidden, "There Is Some Enmity, Our Families Shouldn’t Have To Suffer”
Ammy Virk Explains Diljit Dosanjh’s POV On Keeping His Family Hidden. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Diljit Dosanjh is heading towards global domination, with sold-out stadiums, superhit movies, and international talk show appearances. It’s his world, and we are just living in it. But even after so much critical and commercial success, there is one thing that fans are still curious about. Diljit’s silence about his family and his private life feels very mysterious to people. There have been a lot of rumors that Dosanjh has a wife and kid, but prefers to keep mum about it. Now, fellow singer Ammy Virk is sharing his two cents about why Diljit would prefer to keep details private.

Ammy Virk is busy promoting his upcoming film, Kudi Haryana Val Di. In an interview with News18 Showsha, he discussed why singers often keep their personal lives private and hinted at Diljit Dosanjh’s marriage. Ammy explained that Diljit doesn’t introduce his family to the public due to security concerns, saying, “You cannot stop anyone. From Diljit Pajji’s perspective, it’s his private matter. It’s his family. There must be a reason he isn’t introducing them to the world. I also have a wife and a daughter. Even I don’t want them to be in the public eye. They also prefer it this way. For now, they can go anywhere without being recognized as Ammy’s or Diljit’s family. If people knew, it could cause them trouble.”

Ammy also mentioned that he and Diljit are in a profession that brings fans and some animosity. Therefore, protecting their families from unnecessary attention and potential harm is important. He said, “We are in a profession where we not only have fans but also some issues, maybe even some enmity. Our families shouldn’t have to suffer. For now, they can go to the market or wherever without anyone bothering them. If people knew who they were, they might be targeted. This is for their security and also their own preference.”

Recently, Diljit Dosanjh made headlines for his upcoming debut on The Tonight Show, which stars Jimmy Fallon. In the same interview, Ammy praised Diljit for making India proud internationally and expressed his belief that Diljit will win an Oscar or a Grammy one day. He said, “He has worked hard for almost 24 years. It takes a lot of courage and effort. Performing at Coachella wasn’t easy; he’s been working towards it for a long time. He has a substantial body of work. When he performs on stage, his energy is unique. He’s been working on his music and films. We’re really proud. This is just the beginning. He will definitely win a Grammy or an Oscar soon.”

Diljit Dosanjh has always maintained that he won’t discuss his family publicly to maintain his good-boy image. However, interacting with The Indian Express, his friends revealed some details about his personal life. A source, wishing to remain anonymous, shared that Diljit is married to an American-Indian woman, and they have a son. The source said, “An intensely private person, little is known about his family, but friends say his wife is American-Indian, they have a son, and his parents live in Ludhiana.”

Diljit is awaiting the release of the highly anticipated third installment of Jatt & Juliet with Neeru Bajwa. He also has No Entry 2 in the pipeline.

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