Alia Bhatt Calls Out Casual Sexism: “To Hell With You…”
Alia Bhatt Reveals Facing Casual Sexism When It Comes To Pmsing, Hiding Her Bra! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

We all women have to go through misogyny and sexist comments on a daily basis. Whether it is a part of our lingerie or the menstrual cycle, there’s a lot always asked to be kept under the wraps. Darlings star Alia Bhatt is now breaking the stereotype and calling out the casual sexism that she faced in her life. Scroll below for all the details.

Alia has been breaking barriers in her own inspiring ways. She recently slammed misogynist comments on her pregnancy that claimed her film schedules will be disrupted and Ranbir Kapoor will be picking her up from Heart Of Stones sets.

Addressing the subject of facing sexism, Alia Bhatt told Mojo Story, “I think from time to time I have faced that– casual sexism. Many times I would not notice it. When I think back now because I am so much more aware of it, it just makes so much sense as ‘oh my god that was such a sexist comment, or that I was basically a subject of extreme misogyny in that moment. That’s why now I am so much more sensitive. Sometimes my friends go like ‘what’s wrong with you, why have you become so aggressive?’”

Alia Bhatt added, “But it’s not about that, just random things like ‘don’t be so sensitive, you’re being so sensitive, are you PMSing. To hell with you, I am not being sensitive, and even if I am PMSing so the hell what? You were born because women were PMSing. It gets me so annoying when people say these random things. It’s just casual. Things like ‘your bra shouldn’t be on a bed, hide the bra.’ Why hide it? It’s clothes, you’re flashing your underwear I am not saying anything. It’s not like it has happened with me actively, but there is a certain understanding of how you should hide a lot of things as a woman.”

More power to Alia Bhatt for coming forward and addressing such issues!

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