Vikram Bhatt Opens Up About Mahesh Bhatt-Mukesh Bhatt Row
Mukesh Bhatt Earlier This Year Had Cleared Mahesh Bhatt Was Only A Editorial Consultant On Vishesh Films (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

One thing that has been in the news for the major part of 2021, is the separation between filmmaker brother Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt. In a statement earlier, Mukesh had revealed how his production house Vishesh Films will be now run by his kids Sakshi and Vishesh. Turns out, that Vikram Bhatt is now opening up on the separation and does not want to say much about the same.

For the ones who aren’t completely aware of the episode. Mukesh Bhatt in his statement had made it clear that Mahesh Bhatt was just an Editorial Consultant on the film and nothing more. The filmmaker revealed that he will not be a part of the team anymore. Now Vikram Bhatt who is teaming up with Mahesh is talking about the row. Below is all you need to know about the same, and also what Vikram has to say.



Talking to E-Times, the filmmaker said he won’t say whatever he wants to, because Mahesh Bhatt has told him not to talk about it. Vikram Bhatt said, “Whatever I have to say I will not say because my boss Mahesh Bhatt has asked me to not talk on this subject and I have to listen to him”.

Meanwhile, Vikram Bhatt is not the only person to talk about the Mahesh Bhatt-Mukesh Bhatt rift. Most recently Emraan Hashmi also opened up on the same. As per Indiatimes, the actor said, “I have many fond memories of Vishesh Films. I just wish we all come back together to do a film. I don’t know what the subject will be, though All good things come to an end. Equations change. Nothing is permanent. And I am saying this without knowing the details of what has played out between them”, Hashmi said.

In his statement back in the year, Mukesh Bhatt, said, “Mahesh is not out of Vishesh Films. Please get this clear. The company Vishesh Films has been mine; my brother was a Creative Consultant on several projects even after he had stopped directing. If I have a film hereafter where I need him, he will be there for his creativity. We have had no fight, but he does not want to hold the position anymore”.

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