From Aditya Narayan Throwing A Fan's Phone, Akshay Kumar Smashing It Under His Foot To Salman Khan Snatching It - 5 Times When Actors Lost Their Temper While Clicking Pictures!
From Aditya Narayan To Akshay Kumar – Actors Who Lost Their Temper At Fans ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook )

The internet was shocked today when they saw a viral video of Aditya Narayan throwing a fan’s mobile during his concert. The singer turned actor turned host was singing in a concert when suddenly he was perhaps interrupted by some fan. The next thing everyone saw was Aditya hitting the man’s hand with his mic and then snatching his phone and throwing it off.

However, this is not the first time Aditya and his temper have grabbed headlines. Earlier, he was all over the internet a few years ago for misbehaving with airline staff and telling him ‘Chaddhi Utaar Dunga.’

The same guy is back in the news for another tantrum. The internet reacted to the viral video, and a user wrote, “When he did this, people should have just walked away from his concert, and he would have been embarrassed and regretting his behavior.” Another comment read, “Jutte maro isko, Public ne ise chadaya ab public se badtamizi karta hai.” A user asked, “Will he be paying for his phone?” Another irked comment read, “Kaan pe deta stage par Chad kar pta chalta usko ki uski aukat uske baap ke naam se hai.”

Have a look at Aditya Narayan’s Viral Video here.


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However, Aditya Narayan is not the first person who has been irked by a fan in Bollywood. From Shah Rukh Khan to Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, many actors have snatched phones. Read about these incidents below.

Salman Khan

While making an exit from Goa airport once, Salman Khan was irked when a fan could not stop his excitement to freeze a frame with the superstar. He walked off, snatching the phone from the fan’s hands, and while the fan made an attempt to follow, Bhai’s bodyguards waived him off. Have a look.

Shah Rukh Khan

While SRK is generally in one of his wittiest moods, he once could not control his irritation at a fan who was excited enough to steal a selfie with him. The Jawan actor brushed his phone, irked at the fan’s audacity, and swiftly made his way to his car.


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Varun Dhawan Irked With Selfie

Once, Varun Dhawan was irked by a fan trying to take a selfie. While the fan, along with another fan, kept juggling with the phone amongst themselves, an irked VD snatched the phone and clicked the selfie, schooling them to smile. The video was shared by a YouTube channel, CDS India.

When Akshay Kumar Smashed A Phone

Akshay Kumar usually keeps his calm, but once, he was irked by a fan who tried taking a picture, leaving Akshay’s wife, Twinkle Khanna, uncomfortable. The fan clicked a picture without their permission. A report by India Today quoted via a source, “It was then that Akshay blew his top. A section of the media reported that the actor, in a fit of rage, walked up to the man, snatched his phone from him, and smashed it under his foot. Akshay’s representatives admitted that the actor was indeed being bugged by the annoying fan and that he shouted at him, but only because the person had ‘crossed his limits’. They, however, denied that he destroyed the person’s cell phone.”

Arjun Rampal’s Assault

It was once reported that Arjun Rampal assaulted a fan, throwing a camera at him. A report by India TV quoted the victim called Sobit, “I went for a Saturday night party. Arjun Rampal was playing the DJ console. He suddenly threw a camera towards the audience, which hit me. I don’t know why he threw the camera. The incident took place at around 3.30 am. I have complained, but the police have not taken any action. No FIR has been registered till now.” Later, Arjun Rampal clarified that nothing of the sort had happened.

Ranbir Kapoor’s PR Stunt

While actors generally get irked with fans getting too up close and personal, Ranbir Kapoor‘s video of smiling for a selfie with a fan and then throwing off his phone went viral. However, it later turned out to be a PR stunt for a brand.


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John Abraham’s Cool Trick

The one actor who once caught fans filming him secretly but did not get irked was John Abraham. Wonder what did he do after finding them shooting him secretly? Have a look.


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