Anushka Sharma Ate Ranbir Kapoor Leaving No Crumbs While He Tried Shaming Her English, Actress Roasts Him & Netizens React To The Savage Video
Anushka Sharma & Ranbir Kapoor Once Hit At Each Other’s English In An Old Video ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Anushka Sharma is that one savage girl that every group of friends needs. She will roast you and eat you up, leaving no crumbs if you try messing with her. However, she will do it in such a friendly way that you can only go awww! We caught hold of an old video of Anushka and Ranbir during the shoot of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil having a conversation over fancy English.

While Karan Johar discussed the weather with them, Anushka told him it was raining badly, and Ranbir immediately corrected its torrential rain. Anushka hits back, saying, “I don’t know, I have gone to a government school. I don’t know these fancy words.”

However, the actress then starts roasting Ranbir, making him remember some big English words while taking a dig at the interview and calling it ‘Inconsequential.’ She also dropped words like fornication, used by Ranbir Kapoor, and the video is the cutest piece of banter you need to see to kill your Monday Blues.

As the video resurfaced on the internet, the netizens were quick to react and call out Ranbir and Karan Johar’s behavior. A user wrote, “Here Anushka killed it, roasting the two wannabes. In an old interview, Nitu Singh too mentioned the word ‘TORRENTIAL’ being used by her husband, Rishi Kapoor, and making fun of her for not knowing I guess it’s the family word Kapoors use to belittle others.” One more comment read, “These Kapoors need to be shown the mirror more often.” A user clapped, “Inconsequential interview slapped both.” Another comment echoed the same thought, “The inconsequential interview was a slap on Karan’s face.”

Some pointed out how Ranbir Kapoor has terrible English. A comment read, “You have ‘A’ bad English??? He speaks incorrectly and has the audacity to correct others. He uses long, convoluted sentences. I’m pretty sure she’s much more educated than him.” Another user pointed out, “As an English speaker, we say it’s raining badly. I’ve never used torrential weather in my life.” A dig at Ranbir dragged Alia and read, “Anushka was an Army BRAT, went to Army Public School and graduated from MCC. Ranbir Kapoor, on the other hand, didn’t even attend college, and his wife doesn’t know what CBSE stands for. Case rested.”

A user wrote, “Anushka can roast anyone at any given second,” while another sarcastic dig at the Animal actor read, “Her English is definitely better than his reputation.” One more user wrote, “God, she ate both. Virat found a gem.” A dig at the Dharma head and Ranbir read, “The fact that they both forgot a word like repartee and want to talk about English skills.”

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