Adipurush Mistake: Did Om Raut Overlook A Major Detail In The Ashok Vatika Scene Where Kriti Sanon Meets Hanuman?
Adipurush Mistake: Did Om Raut Overlook A Major Detail In The Ashok Vatika Scene Where Kriti Sanon Meets Hanuman? Here Is The Proof ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

The thing with mythological epic is you need to be careful with facts. Especially when you try to pull off an epic of Ramayana’s grandeur. Adipurush, helmed by Om Raut, stars Prabhas as Raghav (Ram), Kriti Sanon as Janaki (Sita), Sunny Singh as Shesh (Lakshman), Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh (Ravana) and Devdatta Nage as Bajrang (Hanuman) is based on the mythological story, considered a holy book of the Hindus.

Now, as soon as a song from the film dropped, the audience was quick enough to spot mistakes in the upcoming magnum opus, all set to release on June 16. While some mistakes could be overlooked as they were just details, some were blunders, and we spotted one such blunder in the trailer itself.



The Internet has already been discussing the physical appearances of Devdatta Nage as Hanuman being quite petite when compared to Prabhas as Ram. But one blunder in Adipurush pulled by Om Raut was in the Ashok Vatika scene where Bajrang meets Janaki and hands over Shri Ram’s Mudrika (ring).

According to Ramcharitmanas, Ram handed Hanuman his ring as his identification which Hanuman handed to Sita when she met Hanuman as Ram’s messenger. Later, she hands him her choodamani as her identification to Ram. But unfortunately, the video song in Adipurush, Ram Siya Ram, shows something else. Ram Vatika scene in the song, shows Janaki Kriti Sanon, handing Bajrang her bangle/chooda.

While it may have been interpreted to each his own if it had not been mentioned in the epic. But a doha in Ramcharitmanas, specifically mentions Sita giving her choodamani to Hanuman as a symbol. The verse in Ramcharitmanas says, “मात मोहे दीजै कछु चिन्हा, जैसे रघुनायक मोहे दीन्हा। चूड़ामणि उतार कपि दयऊ, हरष समेत पवनसुत लयऊ।।” (Maat deeje kacchu chinnha, jaise raghunayak mohe deenha. Choodamani utaar kapi daya-u, harsh samet pavansut leya-u.”

When translated this means, Hanuman asked Sita to provide something which could be validated as her identification. Just like Shri Ram, gave his angoothi (mudrika). Sita immediately hands her choodamani, a headgear worn by royals, and Hanuman takes it to Ram.

Though the internet has not been quick enough to spot this mistake, it would not go unnoticed, sooner or later. Hopefully, it gets rectified, before the film gets released on June 16.

You can watch the song here where this blunder occurred. However, the video has 60 Million views on YouTube.

What do you feel about this mistake? Did you find any more details missing from the trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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