Aamir Khan Reveals Son Junaid's Auditions For Lead Role In 'Laal Singh Chaddha' Blew His Mind Away & Made Him Reconsider His Decision: "Mere Liye Bahut Dharam Sankat Ho Gaya Tha..."
Aamir Khan Reveals Son Junaid’s Gave Auditions For Lead Role In Laal Singh Chaddha ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; Laal Singh Chaddha Poster )

Everyone’s super excited to see Aamir Khan back in action with his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha. The film, which also be starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, is all set for its big screen release. However, before this, did you know Aamir’s son Junaid was the original choice for LSC?

Shocking right? But the ahead story will leave you more baffled, so read on to know what the actual reason is for Junaid not being picked as the lead for the film.

During a recent media interaction, Aamir Khan shared a story of the casting choice of his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha and how his son Junaid Khan plays a crucial role in it. He began by saying, “My son Junaid had gone to LA to study theatre in American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He came back after two years of training and one year he worked with a company there doing plays. So, he came back around the time we were prepping for Laal Singh Chaddha. I had already told Advait (Chandan, director) earlier that ye bahut mushkil film hai, and while you have done a great job with Secret Superstar, this is a very tricky film and I am not sure I can hand it over to you as a director unless you show me a test first.”

Aamir Khan then added that the first test shoot had blown his and his now ex-wife Kiran Rao’s mind away. He said, “So, I said (to Advait) you shoot 6-7 scenes, which I am going to pick, tough ones. You make a small crew of yours and shoot it, edit it and then show me how are you able to handle that material. I told him not to take me as Laal since I wanted him to do this test without me and not with me. Same time, Junaid had returned, so I told him to take Junaid. So, 2 in 1 ho jayega, dono ka test ho jayega, ke wo LA se kya seekh ke aaya hai.”

“For 2 weeks, they rehearsed and then shot it. First Kiran and I saw it, and we were blown away because Junaid’s performance was too good. He was Laal. After seeing it, I was like Laal ko hi dekh raha hun main, so mera to chance gaya na. To mere liye bahut dharam sankat ho gaya tha us time.” Aamir added as he felt skeptical about bagging the role of Laal in the film after watching his son’s performance during the test shoot.

Aamir also revealed that after seeing his son’s amazing performance, he took a big step and decided to give the film to his son Junaid. Khan also revealed that he made his close ones – Rajkumar Hirani, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar watch the test shoot and Junaid’s performance in it after which they too said to cast Junaid as Laal in Laal Singh Chaddha.

However, Aamir also claimed that the writer and director of LSC made him reconsider his decision of leaving the role for his son Junaid. He said, “Even I felt so because Junaid was Laal as the character’s main quality is his innocence and Junaid is innocent. He doesn’t have to play it whereas I had to play innocent. So, we decided to make the film with him but Atul and Adi kept saying no. They kept fighting. One day Adi said that the reason is that it’s not a plot heavy film but an episodic film, so don’t take a newcomer in such a film because he won’t be able to carry it, it doesn’t matter who he is. That’s why even they took a star, so they said you should take a star, whoever it be.” The Khan concluded by revealing that his son took the final decision in the right spirit and was very understanding about it.

What are your thoughts on Aamir Khan replacing his son Junaid in Laal Singh Chaddha? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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