Bigg Boss OTT 3’s Sana Makbul Revealed A Heartbreaking Hepatitis Diagnosis
Bigg Boss OTT 3’s Sana Makbul Revealed A Heartbreaking Hepatitis Diagnosis ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bigg Boss OTT 3 is back with a bang. And in just two episodes, we have gotten so many revelations from the contestants involved. Anil Kapoor’s debut season as a host has attracted a lot of attention. One of the big revelations was made by Sana Makbul. The actress was asked about a scar on the top of her lip when she revealed that she suffered a brutal dog bite. After the incident, fans were surprised to learn of another medical diagnosis and applauded the actress’s courage to share it.

With her fight against autoimmune hepatitis, Sana Makbul, the gifted actress who is currently enthralling viewers in the Bigg Boss house, recently shared her story. She shares her incredibly intimate journey with her followers on Instagram in a heartfelt series she calls “Sundays With Sana.”

In this open series, Sana provides a personal glimpse into her life. She describes her encounters, setbacks, and victories while coping with the illness. Her goal is to raise awareness of autoimmune hepatitis. Sana wants to motivate people to take their health seriously; each reel is a testament to her tenacity and resolve.

Sana Makbul recalls the early days of her diagnosis, admitting that she initially ignored the symptoms her body was presenting. “I neglected the signs my body was giving me, and we often have a tendency to not listen to our needs,” she confessed in one of her videos. “But we should genuinely hear what our body is trying to say. We should go for regular body checkups. I learned about this condition in 2021, and initially, I couldn’t understand it, but as time passed, I learned how I could address it and what I could do to improve it.”


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Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant continued, “Now, I do a full body checkup every 3 to 4 months, and through that, I know that my liver is doing much better than it was. But 2021 was alarming for me because, after tests, I got to know the condition of my liver, which was severely bad. I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, and in March 2023, I was at stage 4. Then in July, when I did my biopsy again, I found out that I had reversed my stage. Those two years, when I wasn’t working, I was working on myself, understanding my body and my disease.”

While challenging, her journey has also been transformative. Sana explains how dealing with hepatitis has made her more attuned to her body and more appreciative of her health. Through her ‘Sundays With Sana’ series, she hopes to inspire others to be vigilant about their health. And to seek medical advice when something feels off.

Sana’s openness and vulnerability in sharing her story have resonated deeply with her fans. Her message is clear: health should never be taken for granted. By sharing her story, she hopes to help others recognize the importance of listening to their bodies and taking proactive steps to maintain their well-being.

Fans have applauded Sana’s journey and filled the comment section with many positive comments and messages of support.

Sana Makbul recently got into an argument with Sai Ketan Rao over ration as well. Bigg Boss OTT 3 streams on Jio Cinema live and 24/7.

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