Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra Once Went Crazy To Hit Shraddha Das On Her Chest Hospitalizing Her, Latter Has Now Revealed "You Can't Fight Against Nepotism & Get Justice"
Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra Once Went Crazy To Hit Shraddha Das On Her Chest Hospitalizing Her, Latter Has Now Revealed “You Can’t Fight Against Nepotism & Get Justice” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bigg Boss 17 finale is just around the corner, and this is just the right time when people want to know more about the finalists. One such contestant who’s making a lot of noise outside is Mannara Chopra, and this noise isn’t necessarily in her support. An incident during her Bollywood debut, Zid, has resurfaced, and the actress Shraddha Das has allegedly opened up once again, revealing how she was ignored because of the nepotism (Priyanka Chopra) advantage Mannara had.

Before getting to the current reaction to the controversy, let’s talk about what actually happened that led to this situation. During the promotions of the film Zid, Mannara Chopra was accused of hitting Shraddha Das for real while shooting an action sequence.

Not once, not twice, but multiple times, Mannara was explained by the action director, but she continued hitting Shraddha for real. Das revealed all of this in an explosive interview, and a reporter questioned these accusations at an event of the film by Mannara.

“I tried to stop Mannara, but she wouldn’t…” 

In a conversation with Bollywood Life, Shraddha revealed about Bigg Boss 17’s finalist, saying, “The scene was supposed to start with Mannara pushing me on the stairs. The action director had informed her to push me lightly, but she didn’t. When I fell hard on the stairs, I got up and told her to take it a bit easy.”

She added, “I thought that she was new and she wouldn’t know and thus didn’t react too much. She said she would be soft, but right after the very next shot, she became aggressive and started hitting me hard. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t, and I, too, in the flow, kept on shooting and defending myself till the time the director shouted cut.”

“I was left with more than 30 blood clots on my body” 

She added, “The action director and I pleaded with Mannara to maintain eye contact while fighting and be a bit light on the action, but she never paid heed. She always used to say yes off-screen but never used to do her own while the shot was on. I managed somehow to save myself, but later on, when there was a scene where we were to fight with sticks, she just went all out. We were supposed to shoot the fight sequence with rubber and thermocol sticks, but Mannara picked up a real bamboo stick and started fighting. It hit me just above the right eye, and that was it. I couldn’t take anymore and started screaming. I had to be taken to the hospital, and the day was called off.”

She continued, “However hurt I was, I decided to report for shooting the next day with a swollen eye. The scene required me to hang wherein a rope tied me from the top. She was supposed to hit me very lightly on the chest. Mannara just went crazy and kicked me so hard, right below the chest. That, too, she was wearing heels. You can imagine how much it hurt me. At the end of the fight sequences, I was left with more than 30 blood clots on my body.”

Priyanka Chopra to the rescue! 

When Bigg Boss 17’s Mannara Chopra was asked about these allegations, she ignored the questions, leaving for the makers to address them. But Priyanka Chopra jumped in between and said that’s how action scenes work. The point to be noted here is that Shraddha Das wasn’t invited to that event.

Here’s the video:

Shraddha opens up again! 

Now, allegedly, Shraddha Das has opened up once again, reacting to the fight. Apparently, she commented on Bigg Boss’ subreddit and said, “You cannot actually fight against nepotism with no background and get justice ever! Your truth will be ridiculed and not even see the light of the day because of the same people who stand up for human rights and feminism.”

Guys, Shraddha reached out in the comments section of our previous post and confirmed Mannara’s violent streak as true.
byu/just-slaying inbiggboss

In another comment, she said: “Somebody sent this link to me. It is true. But I cannot put my life and future at risk by speaking about this now! It felt good to see some people understand what I went through. Love!”

This would surely come as a shocker to many who are supporting Mannara Chopra to win Bigg Boss 17. It could also impact her final result in the competition.

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