Bigg Boss 17 Winner Voting Trends: With 397% Higher Votes, "Munawar Faruqui BB Jeet Chuka Hai!" Abhishek Kumar Stands At #2 With Ankita Lokhande Slipping At #5
Bigg Boss 17 Winner Voting Trends: With 397% Higher Votes, “Munawar Faruqui BB Jeet Chuka Hai!” Abhishek Kumar Stands At #2 With Ankita Lokhande Slipping At #5 ( Photo Credit – YouTube; Instagram )

If you read this just in time, just go and watch Samay Raina’s latest story on Instagram. Who’s he? Well, Munawar Faruqui fans from Bigg Boss 17 would know him as his best friend, and he’s a standup comedian/(ex)YouTuber/chess champion for others. For those who would miss it, he says, “Doston! Munawar Bigg Boss jeet chuka hai. But agar aapko phir bhi vote karna hai, aap yahan par vote kar sakte hai. Taaki jab woh jeetkar aaye toh aap bata paaye ke maine vote kiya tujhe tab tu jeet ke aaya. Agar aap nahi bhi karte vote, toh bhi woh jeet chuka hai. Toh aap kardo vote, kya farak paddta hai aapko?”

Translating for the ones who didn’t get in Hindi, “Friends! Munawar has won Bigg Boss 17, but if you still want to vote for him, you can vote here. If you do that, you can tell him he won because of your vote. It won’t change the result even if you don’t vote because he has already won.”

Why are we telling you this in an article about the current voting trends of Bigg Boss 17? Well, because even those have a similar result to showcase. The finale is just three days away, and the current standing might disappoint a lot of you.

As per the current Bigg Boss 17 winner voting trends, the top 3 contestants are loud and clear, Munawar Faruqui leading the pack with Abhishek Kumar in second and Mannara Chopra in third. Ankita Lokhande would’ve easily made it to the top 3, but her game tumbled like dominoes in the last couple of weeks. Currently, even Arun Mashettey is ranking higher than Ankita, sitting in the fourth position.

You might feel like this was anyway expected, but wait till you hear the numbers. As of now, Munawar has over 338K+ votes to his name, which is almost 397% higher than Abhishek Kumar, who has got around 68K+ votes till now. Mannara Chopra, with 26K+ votes, is third; Arun Mashettey & Ankita Lokhande are in fourth and fifth position, respectively, with 17K+ & 10K+ votes.

We should take this with a pinch of salt because these online voting trends keep changing every minute. Still, if this has any truth to it, then Munawar Faruqui would leave everyone till the tunnel to lift the trophy of Bigg Boss 17 in style, just like Samay Raina said in his Instagram story.

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