Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra To Be Eliminated Next, Ending Her 'Biased & Partial' Journey? A Calculative Fan Theory Predicts The Future...
Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra To Be Eliminated Next, Ending Her ‘Biased & Partial’ Journey? A Calculative Fan Theory Predicts The Future… (Picture Credit: Colors TV/Youtube)

Bigg Boss 17 is in its final week, and the theories regarding who’s going to get eliminated next are just getting wilder with every passing day. Reports regarding Vicky Jain getting eliminated are already out, but there’s another probable elimination on the cards, and it’s none other than Mannara Chopra.

Nope, this isn’t the ‘Khabri’ reporting, but it’s a theory doing rounds on Reddit, which makes more sense than her gameplay in the house. Before we decode to decide if it could possibly be true or not, let’s take all of you through Ms. ‘Ji Ji Ji’s journey in the house.

This year, the makers of the show experimented with the content of the show. Being biased was the new trait makers added, and they were blunt and open about it since the start. Mannara Chopra was clearly chosen as the ‘favorite contestant’ from day 1, and even till the latest episode, we all saw how Bigg Boss interfered to defend her while a media person was asking her a question.

Munawar babysitting Mannara! 

How can we forget the constant push given to Munawar Faruqui to ‘babysit’ Mannara throughout the season? It was pretty evident. Recently, when the family members had a one-on-one conversation with Salman Khan, we saw Mannara’s mother also present outside the sets (check out her vanity van conversation with a reporter on YouTube).

They sent Mitali to face Salman inside despite her mother handling all her professional work (as her sister mentioned in the episode). Yes, it could be a conscious decision, as we all saw the line of questioning with Vicky Jain’s mother. A theory combining all of the above things is doing rounds on Reddit; let’s go through the same.

The calculative fan theory! 

It starts with, “Something is going on that we are unaware of in Bigg Boss 17. Mannara’s mom must have cut a deal and was given some assurances and support in return. Mannara’s mom visited Bigg Boss (vanity van interview) but was not on the panel. Right from the first episode, she was treated specially. When Bigg boss said he would be partial, he did it mainly for Mannara. He pushed Munawar throughout the season to support Mannara.”

The theory further states, “Mannara poked and trolled Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan and Ankita Lokhande but was never called out. Even the ‘final four’ task was framed to get her into the finale week, and they put in Arun Mashettey just to confuse us. And now that she was given this award, which she can flaunt for life, maybe that’s because she will be eliminated next (next 2). Salman Khan started finding her irritating right from the 4th week. The only other explanation for her getting favors is Salman feels pity for her and an obligation because he wants to be nice to Priyanka Chopra. Maybe the mom pushed Priyanka to call the team or Salman to push for this. So now, in her last two days, they are just giving her the sympathy award before they kick her out.”

What we think? 

We don’t think Salman Khan would have any obligation to Priyanka Chopra, as even they shared a controversial last when the latter dropped Bharat and moved on to share some cold vibes. But the fact that Mannara Chopra has been given special attention in Bigg Boss 17 is pretty straightforward, but that’s what the makers have agreed since the beginning.

They will be biased, but will they be biased enough to let her win? Nope. After Vicky Jain’s exit, she probably could be the next one to say goodbye to the show along with Arun Mashettey. Ankita Lokhande, Munawar Faruqui, and Abhishek Kumar have all the chances to be the top 3 contestants of Bigg Boss 17. All these are just predictions based on some calculations of the buzz around the contestants.

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