Salman Khan Teaches Afsana Khan A Lesson For Ageist Comment Against Shamita Shetty On Bigg Boss 15
Salman Khan Calls Out Afsana Khan For Her Ageist Comment Against Shamita Shetty On Bigg Boss 15(Pic Credit: Instagram/itsafsanakhan, beingsalmankhan, Bigg Boss)

Bigg Boss 15 host Salman Khan will again appear this week on Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode where his new target will be contestant Afsana Khan. The singer has been creating chaos in the house over the week getting into fights, targeting Shamita Shetty with ageist remarks, and so on.

The new promo video that was released shows the host introducing the singer as ‘superstar of the season. “I’ll tell you what all you’ve said. ‘Shamita buddhi hai, ghar baithne ka time hai tera. Ghatiya aurat (Shamita is old and it’s time for her to sit at home. She is cheap).’ You will decide who is cheap?” Salman then asks her.

Afsana Khan replies to him saying, “Aap bade ho (You are elder to me).” Salman Khan, however, interrupts by saying, “Nai, nai. Main buddha hu (No, no. I am old).” Although the singer said that the things she did was in a state of anger, Salman did not buy any of it. “You speak badly and also throw hands,” he says, adding that she has a ‘set pattern’. Shamita Shetty agreed with Salman saying that Afsana argues with others then starts harming herself.

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