Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni Talks About Spats With Kavita Kaushik & Her Bond With Jasmin Bhasin
Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni On Exiting House For Jasmin Bhasin & Fights With Kavita Kaushika (Photo Credit – Instagram / Aly Goni / Jasmin Bhasin / Kavita Kaushik )

Aly Goni created headlines when he entered the controversial Bigg Boss 14 house as a wild card entry. The actor changed a lot of dynamics of the house after entering in it. He acted as a biggest support to Jasmin Bhasin. Aly walked out of the house recently when Bigg Boss gave Jasmin and him an option to choose who would stay in the house and who would leave.


In a recent interview, Aly Goni said that he doesn’t regret the decision of walking out of the house. He also spill the beans on his friendship with Jasmin Bhasin and her spat with Kavita Kaushik. Continue reading to know more.


When Aly entered Bigg Boss 14, he treated Kavita Kaushik with respect but by the end of his tenure, he lost it. On the matter, Aly told Pinkvilla, “I would call her Kavita ji earlier because I respected her and she had been around working for so long but then respect is in your hand. When we started fighting over small things, she used derogatory words and then I lost it. Phir izzat bhadh mein jati hai, apni izzat pehle. It is not like we shared a great bond or had crackling equation. It isn’t important for me and it doesn’t matter and it is not necessary that you form good bond with everyone. She isn’t important for me.”

About leaving the Bigg Boss 14 house for Jasmin, Aly Goni said, “I was not disappointed. Thank god, I got a chance to save her. If it was someone else, I don’t know what would have happened. I am really happy that I could convince her after such difficulty. I am actually glad, no regrets.”

Many people think that Jasmin Bhasin was seen in a negative light after Aly Goni’s entry in the show. “It was never like that. If she is taking a stand for herself, that doesn’t make her negative. When she was not taking a stand, then the entire country was calling her fake. The people today who are calling her negative are the same people who criticised her of being fake and cute, so these people really don’t have a conscience or steady stand. They are mindless critics. I don’t care and I know Jasmin is not bothered by it. Her loyal fans know her and support her. I think she is playing very well,” concluded Bigg Boss 14’s Aly Goni.

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