WWE's 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson Abused & Roasted By CM Punk; Read On
WWE: Dwayne Johnson Gets Roasted By CM Punk & Insulted Him, “I’m Gonna Kick Your A** Because This Isn’t Candyland”(Photo Credit –Still From WWE)

Due to his jam-packed movie schedule, Dwayne Johnson has been away from WWE for years. His relationship with WWE has turned him into more of a recurring guest. While he is a global superstar now, we are now going back in time when wrestler CM Punk thought Hollywood may have made him soft.

Johnson is one of the most popular action stars in Hollywood. He has given several blockbusters and has become one of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry. Now after several years, there have been rumours that he is returning to Wrestlemania. However, it seems that his comeback is not happening anytime soon.

In a throwback video, CM Punk and Dwayne Johnson got into a banter as the former took the opportunity to taunt The Rock. “I don’t care what your schedule is. I don’t care if you work 360 days or 365 days a year. You could be Santa Claus. One day a year, I can still kick your a**. I don’t care how many movies you film every year. I know how hard that schedule probably is, but every time you come back, you grace us with your presence; I’m gonna kick your a** because this isn’t Candyland. I’m like nobody you’ve ever faced before. You can make fun of the colour of my T-shirt, you can talk about pie, you can sing songs, you can rhyme. but you can be tired, lame, a** stick. I just want you to know, come to the royal rumble, you have about three weeks to realize this. I’m gonna kick your a** because I’m the best in the world. I’m the best thing going today, the best guy you have stepped foot in the ring with,” Punk said.

He said, “Congratulations, The Rock, you just graduated from the kiddy table, but you just bit off more than you can chew. You’re playing little league with your little insults, rhymes, and millions of finalists. I am in the big leagues and swinging for the fence. You need to understand your little jabs and insults are kiddy games. You cannot leave a mark on the champ’s face. Come royal rumble, understand stepping the ring. Your arms are too short to box with god.”

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