WWE Champ Bobby Lashley Talks On Retirement
Bobby Lashley Speaks About Retirement (PC: Instagram)

Finally, we saw Bobby Lashley getting pushed to the next level by WWE. In this week’s RAW, he defeated The Miz and captured the gold. It’s not even a week of carrying that gold around a waist, the almighty has already shocked his fans by dropping hints on retirement.

Recently, during an interview post winning the gold, Lashley gave clear signals that he doesn’t have much time left for a pro-wrestling career. He also used an interesting term to describe his current run as a WWE champion. He also added that he wants to make a bigger impact possible with this run.

It was during a chat with Beacher Report, Bobby Lashley signalled for preparing for his retirement. At the age of 44, Lashley said that he knows he won’t be able to sustain in pro-wrestling for 10-15 years. He mentioned that he has only a few more years left with him to roar. Describing his current run, he said that it’s more of a sprint rather than a marathon.

Well, it’s a bit hard to digest but we agree with Bobby Lashley as pro-wrestling is all about your physical strength and it’s good to leave it peacefully rather than bidding goodbye with an injured body.

Meanwhile, in the recent episode of RAW, we saw how The Miz was avoiding a face-off with Lashley initially. Their match did take place but a countout made the awesome one retain his title. To everyone’s surprise, a rematch was scheduled in which Bobby become a new champ by submission with his Hurt Lock. So, we’re at the stage now, where a comeback stage is all set for Brock Lesnar. And as speculated for months, the beats versus Lashley is very much on for Wrestlemania 37, especially given its benefits for WWE at ticket windows.

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