Tom Cruise's Viral Deepfake Videos Create Stir - Meet The Man Behind Those!
Tom Cruise Deepfake Videos Create Stir On Social Media!(Photo Credit –Getty Images/TikTok/DeepTomCruise/twitter)

Social media has been going berserk since the deepfake videos of Tom Cruise have started to float on TikTok. Panning throughout last week, we saw not one but three such videos doing rounds on the video-sharing social networking service.

A relatively new account named @deeptomcruise started to post these fake videos of Tom Cruise. It took no time before these videos were trending on the internet, and various websites started to write about it. With some digging, a website has gone ahead to contact the man behind all this.



According to Fortune, the man behind this is named Chris Ume and he’s a video visual effects specialist from Belgium. The ‘deepfake’ experts are also hailing this to be one of the most convincing usage of the controversial technology.

On his LinkedIn page, Chris has took the credit for all the fake videos of Tom. When the folks down at Fortune tried to contact him, they got a response that Chris and his colleagues aren’t ready yet to talk to the press. He said, “We’re looking for the correct way to communicate about this.”

These videos have attracted more than 11 million views on TikTok, and are adding millions more as we report this. It wasn’t a ‘fakewalk’ (read: cakewalk) to find the man behind these videos, because there was no name attached.

Here are the deepfake videos of Tom Cruise:

Some people got into the ‘Daya zara pata lagao…’ (pull your socks up Sherlock) mode and found out that Chris has been posting these links on his LinkedIn account. He captioned it as, “never thought I’d be sharing a tiktok channel on my linkedin ;).”

If you by chance tumble on Chris’ website, the about me section reads: “I create the craziest videos and love humor. My talent is my eye for perfection and my high quality standards. I rather finish something I’m proud of than quick garbage.”

He also has a YouTube channel names VFXChris Ume on which he has previously shared a side-by-side creation of Tom Cruise’s previous deepfake videos.

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