Mark Henry Replies Ryback
WWE Legend Mark Henry Hits Hard At Ryback (Photo Credit – Mark Henry/Ryback/Instagram)

The battle of words is turning out to be a never-ending one between Ryback and WWE legend Mark Henry. Earlier, Henry had made some remarks on the big guy, to which latter had responded. Post that, Henry once again had spilt some strong words after which the big guy too didn’t hold back.


Responding to Henry, Ryback (in now-deleted tweets) claimed that John Cena never wanted to work with the world’s strongest man as he wasn’t good inside the ring. As Cena denied to work, the big guy said that it was he who stepped up to wrestle. He also claimed that Henry fell asleep in Gorilla Position before Wrestlemania 29’s match. So after such words and some serious claims coming from the other side, it’s hard to not expect a reply from Henry.


Now giving it back hard, Mark Henry while talking on Busted Open Radio, said, “Sometimes the things that make you better and the things that make the world interesting is a conduit, something that’s in between greatness and talent and what do you do to bring them together? In pro wrestling, that is the most important thing in wrestling because you have to have a guy that can lead somebody that’s the sh*ts and make them somebody that’s great one day.”

Mark Henry added, “We’ve all had our moments. There was a day when, guys, I hate to say it, I was the sh*ts. It sucks to say it but I’ll tell you what. At the end of the day, I was pretty f*cking good. Even when I was working with people like Ryback, I could take a nap and be better than that mother f*cker any day of the week. Holla at you boy.”

Taking on sleeping before Wrestlemania 29’s match, Henry said, ” ‘Listen, I’m not saying that this happened, but at any point did you ever tell Ryback I was the sh*ts.’ I was famous for taking naps. I take naps every day. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s great. Vince McMahon himself has ribbed me, poured water on me, while I was sleeping because everybody would go, hey, is anybody got eyes on Mark Henry because he usually naps around this time. Find him. Oh yea, we had a lot of fun with my naps.”

What do you think about Mark Henry and Ryback’s war of words?

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