Cardi B Threatens WWE Head Vince McMahon For Her Creepy Intro
Cardi B WWE Intro Had A Boogeyman Connection(Pic credit: Getty Images/Wikipedia)

Rapper Cardi B took to Twitter on Monday night and threatened to throw down head honcho Vince McMahon over announcing her “WWE debut.” It was her reaction to a hilarious “WWE RAW” clip from one of the latest shows that featured her name.


The rapper initially had no idea that it was all part of a hoax played on Monday night’s episode of WWE RAW broadcast, where a reference was made to the rapper. She was mentioned during a segment where Torrie Wilson told Angel Garza she was waiting to meet him in a room backstage.


Interestingly, when Garza entered the room, The Boogeyman was waiting there. Immediately, Garza fled off resulting in him losing the WWE 24/7 Championship to R-Truth. Cardi B, who was unaware of the whole exchange, took to Twitter and asked fans why she was being tagged in so many WWE posts. She also said that even though she is a fan of WWE, she has not watched it for a long time.

Soon after, her attention was drawn towards a fan who explained the whole exchange on WWE and explained that this was why WWE posts were tagging the rapper. “This is not how my WWE debut was supposed to be!” Cardi responded to the clip after finally realizing what was going on. She then immediately attacked the organization’s big man himself. In her tweet, she wrote, “Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F–KIN DAYS!!!!”

Take a look at the entire exchange below:

After Cardi B’s tweet, fans began to react and one fan cited her blockbuster hit with one of Hulk Hogan’s signature interview lines, and wrote, “I can see it now, ‘What you gonna do when me and this WAP run wild on youuu?!?!?” On the other hand, some fans were totally ready for the showdown.

Check out some of the fan reaction below after Cardi B Tweeted this:

Cardi B is a proven versatile and passionate artist. She has many varied interests including acting, fashion and music. Moreover, she’s clearly a fan, or at least was at one time, since evidenced by the many interactions she had talking with wrestling fans throughout the evening. And based on the immediate reactions of both hers and WWE’s fans are ready to see it go down, too.

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