The Boys Season 4 Episode 6: Release Date & What To Expect
The Boys Season 4 Episode 6: Release Date & What To Expect. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

The Boys Season 4 might have gotten off to a slow start, but the show has surely picked up pace. The previous two episodes have particularly, catapulted the show back to its glory with a lot of thrills, action, and twists.

We are already halfway through the new season, with five episodes aired. Audiences are now waiting for the next episode with bated breath to find out how the rivalry between the supes and our heroes moves forward. Here is when The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 will be released on Prime Video and what to expect from it.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 6: Release Date on Prime Video

The sixth episode of The Boys Season 4 is scheduled to be released on Prime Video on Thursday, July 4th. The episode, written by Anslem Richardson, is titled Dirty Business. After next week’s release, only two more episodes will be left in the season, which has a total of eight. The season finale, Assassination Run, will premiere on July 18th.

What to Expect from The Boys Season 4 Episode 6?

The next episode will pick up after the high-octane events of the previous episode, ‘Beware the Jabberwock, My Son.’ Now that Butcher has gotten his hands on Sameer (minus the leg), he will surely be using him to synthesise the virus that has the capability to kill supes. Also, he has hidden the fact from the rest of the team, so expect to see another Butcher-bashing scene from MM and Starlight when they get to know about his master plan.

Meanwhile, Hughie’s family arc has ended with his father’s death, so he is likely to be back with the Boys and once again be an active part of the team’s missions. At the same time, Homelander has given the Seven a free hand to be as aggressive as they want and consider themselves as ‘Gods.’

So expect the supes to get out of control and stir up havoc in the next episode. We have also heard that Webweaver, a Spider-Man parody supe, will be making an appearance in ‘Dirty Business.’ Let’s see what the new supe has in store for the audience. Lastly, Nemuan has reunited with her father Edgar, and the two seem to have buried the hatchet, which is surely not good news for the Boys.

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