Moana Live-Action Movie: Everything We Know About The Disney Remake
Moana Live-Action Movie: Everything We Know About The Disney Remake (Photo Credit –YouTube)

Disney’s hit film Moana is finally getting a live-action film after The Rock- Dwayne Johnson announced that the 2016 movie would be remade in live-action, with him returning as Maui, the demigod who assists Moana.

In June, Disney revealed the cast for the movie, and Australian actress Catherine Laga’aia is set to play the titular role of Moana. Moana is universally counted as one of the best Disney princess movies. The beautifully animated movie tells the story of Moana, a young aspiring voyager who embarks on a journey across the Polynesian seas to save her village from a looming threat. On her quest, Moana meets the self-centered Maui, the legendary shape shifting demigod who reluctantly agrees to help Moana find the missing “Heart of Te Fiti.”

While Disney directors Ron Clements and John Musker have successfully delivered a satisfying feature film that entertained audiences, the announcement of a live-action remake was nothing less than a big surprise. To learn more about the upcoming movie, read on!

Moana Live-Action Movie Release Date

In June 2024, Disney confirmed that the Moana Live-Action movie will be released on July 10, 2026, in theaters. The production kicked off this summer and the news came after Dwayne Johnson confirmed in April 2023 that the movie is under work through a sweet Instagram post.

He wrote, “We are so excited and happy to announce that a live-action reimagining of Moana is in the works,” he said in the video. He further promised the return of all the important characters and elements of the movie, including “Gramma Tala, the music, the dance, Te Fiti, Pua the pig, the village” and “the beautiful, powerful ocean.”

Moana Live-Action Cast

Disney announced in June 2024 that Catherine Laga’aia will take up the lead role of Moana. Furthermore, a group of New Zealand and Samoan natives will join her including John Tui as Moana’s father Chief Tui, Frankie Adams as Moana’s mother Sina, and Rena Owen as Gramma Tala. The movie is directed by Thomas Kail; and Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia will be producing via Seven Bucks Productions. Additionally, Beau Flynn is producing via Flynn Pictures Co. and Moana songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda is also producing the movie.

Moana Live-Action Plot

Although nothing specific has been revealed about the movie’s plot, it is expected that Moana Live-Action will follow the original story of the 2016 film. Moreover, Johnson confirmed that many similar characters will return including Moana’s pet chicken Heihei.

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