List of Korean Dramas Releasing in February 2024
All Korean Dramas Releasing in February 2024 (Photo Credit – IMDb)

All Kdrama fans worldwide are waiting to know the list of Korean dramas that will be released in February 2024. January had some exciting titles like Marry My Husband, A Shop for Killers, The Two Sisters, and several others. Well, February is also packed with some intriguing Kdramas, varying from crime thrillers to romantic stories.

The list we made of the Korean Dramas Releasing in February 2024 is not just limited to streaming platforms. Some will premiere on different South Korean TV networks and might drop in Viki for fans worldwide to binge-watch.

Korean Dramas Releasing in February 2024

Branding in Seongsu

The Kdrama stars Lomon as an intern named So Eun-ho and Kim Ji-eun plays Kang Na-eon, his manager in a marketing company. Eun-ho is youthful and enthusiastic, whereas Na-eon puts up a no-nonsense and tough act as a boss. One day, the duo kisses, leading to the duo getting swapped into each other’s bodies. The intern now becomes the boss and vice versa. Many romantic office dramas exist, but Branding in Seongsu has a magical twist. The Jung Hun-soo directorial will premiere on U+ Mobile TV on February 5, 2024.

A Killer Paradox

A teenage boy, Lee Tang, commits an accidental murder that gets him under the radar of a sharp detective, Jang Nan-gam. Tang teams up with Nan-gam to solve the crime, but will the truth ever come out? That’s something we have to see in the crime thriller Kdrama starring Choi Woo-shik as Lee Tang and Son Suk-ku as Jang Nan-gam. Adapted from the webtoon Sarinjaonangam, A Killer Paradox, which is a Lee Chang-Hee directorial drops on Netflix from February 9, 2024.

Grand Shining Hotel

Every book lover wishes to be a part of any fantasy or romantic novel they read. But in this Korean drama, Song Woo-bin (Lee Ji-hoon) is drawn towards a horror fantasy novel. One day, Woo-bin disappears as he finds himself trapped in the world inside the book. Yoo Ah-young (Jung In-sun), the girl with a crush on Woo-bin, figures out what happened and writes the book’s story herself to save him. Will she succeed? You can find out the fate of these characters on February 11, 2024, on TVN and TVING.

Wedding Impossible

The Kdrama stars Na A-jeong as Jun Jong-seo and Kim Do-wan as Lee Do-han. Jong-seo is an actress, known for playing extras in movies/shows, especially that of a bride. In real life, her love life has nothing exciting going on. Her childhood friend, Do-han, the son of a famous businessman, requests Jong-seo to pretend to be his wife so that his family doesn’t marry him off to someone else. Well, Do-han now has to play the leading role as the wife of a prominent personality. Sadly, as it happens in many movies and shows, the narrative doesn’t sail smoothly as complications arise that might expose their lies soon.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, Wedding Impossible releases on February 25 on tvN.

The Impossible Heir

The story is about Kang In-ha, a man who grew up in impoverished conditions and learned one day that his father was one of the wealthiest businessmen in Korea. However, In-ha’s father’s family refuses to accept him and treats him poorly. He teams up with his childhood friend Han Tae-oh and a young woman named Na Hye-won to take over his father’s Kang Oh Group business. Will the trio succeed in taking over the throne of one of South Korea’s biggest conglomerates?

The Kdrama stars Lee Jung-young, Lee Jae-wook, and Hong Su-zu in the lead roles. The Min Yeon-hong directorial will stream on Disney+ starting February 28.

Which Korean Dramas Releasing in February 2024 are you most looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments below.

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