My Demon: Song Kang & Kim Yoo Jung's Ethereal Visuals Surprise Netizens!
My Demon: Song Kang & Kim Yoo Jung Impress Netizens With Their Ethereal Visuals! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

My Demon, starring Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung, premiered over the weekend. The much-anticipated K-drama has been the talk of the town ever since its announcement, thanks to its star-studded cast. Given that Song Kang has a reputation for undertaking challenging roles that usually do not align with the traditional value of soft and mushy K-dramas and Kim Yoo-jung has previously courted controversy for romancing older actors, My Demon has so far proved to be a safe journey for both of them, with surprisingly positive reactions from netizens.

The drama follows a hot-headed chaebol heiress, Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung), who gets adopted into a wealthy family; however, she is hated by her own family for running the business successfully. In what can be called a classic case of comedy of errors, she mixes up a 200-year-old demon, Jeong Gu Won, for her blind date, crashing his solo meal. After an unexpected event that involves saving Do Hee’s life, the demon loses his supernatural powers overnight and discovers he may have more than one thing in common with her. To retain his power and prevent his extinction, he seeks help from Do Hee. They then pretend to be a couple and eventually sign up for a contract marriage to help each other in their individual pursuits. Along with a marriage contract, we can also look forward to an enemies-to-lovers trope that has been long loved by K-drama lovers.

As many as two episodes of My Demon have aired, and the K-drama has already piqued viewers’ interest with its intriguing plot and the hilarious bickering between the female lead and male lead. Fans are also over the moon to watch Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung’s refreshing visuals, with many joking about how makers are constantly struggling to portray who has a significantly higher visual appeal than the other.

Many K-fanatics took to Reddit to discuss the ongoing Netflix K-drama and mentioned that the ML and FL look ethereal.

“This drama feels like ML and FL are in a contest to see who can look prettier. There certainly is no shortage of eye candy here,” one user wrote.

Another user added, “There are some much-loved tropes here as well as some very imaginative scriptwriting. Where the episode was most creative is where it was most funny.

A third Redditor mentioned, “I could watch a whole episode show of Song Kang handsomely strutting around in his leather trench coat and murdering terrible people.”

Another fan mentioned, “Great first episode. The visuals in this drama are so blindingly distracting that I have to keep rewinding to catch the fast-paced dialogues. The humor is on point, and I love the visual effects. Bok Gyu, while sticking his middle finger out, was hilarious! And the whole fight with a newspaper, and then “my precious” cake! Can I also take a moment to talk about how stylish our leads are? Man, the stylist for this show deserves a raise! I also liked the relationship between Madame Ju and Do Hee. such a strong yet sassy bond. solid first episode. I look forward to tomorrow.”

“I’m not ready for the visuals this drama will serve up (whoever casts Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang together deserves a raise). I’m just here for the eye candy, even if the plot turns out to be a complete dumpster fire. Enjoy and have fun discussing!” commented another Redditor.

My Demon [Episodes 1 & 2]
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