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The Crowded Room To Black Bird: These Top 10 Must-Watch Shows On Apple TV+ Cannot Be Missed! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )


Today, let’s delve into the top 10 offerings within the Apple TV+ platform. When you reach the end of this article, the question of whether Apple TV+ is a wise investment will become clear.


Apple TV+ is breaking free from its Apple-exclusive reputation and welcoming everyone into its world. Whether you’re rocking an Android based streaming device, webOS, Tyson, Fire OS, Roku, Android TV, Google TV, or even a rather mysterious smart TV operating system, Apple TV+ could still be your ticket to entertainment. And if not, you’ve got options! You can grab an Apple TV 4K for $129, though some might say it’s a bit steep. Consider the wallet-friendly alternative: the Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD, priced at just $39.99. Plus, many smart TVs support casting, allowing you to effortlessly beam Apple TV+ shows from your trusty Android or iOS smartphone. Is the $10 monthly subscription worth it? The decision looms in your hands.

Ted Lasso (TV Series 2020–2023)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Meet Ted Lasso, the fella who once believed a touchdown was a comfy landing on a chip-and-dip pillow. This lovable oddball of an American football coach stars in his very own sitcom crafted by the genius minds of Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly.

Ted’s journey began as an entertaining cameo in NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage, but then, something absurd happened. They decided to hand him the reins of an English soccer team, secretly hoping his soccer IQ was as low as his chip-pillow landings. But shocker of all shockers, Ted’s wholesome charm and “simple wisdom” turned the tables, leading to more victories than they’d ever dreamt.

Ted Lasso, the man and the show, is like a master magician pulling out a bunch of quirky characters from his hat, and you can’t help but be spellbound by the parade. What’s his trick, you ask? Ted’s secret weapon is his uncanny ability to turn even the snarkiest skeptics into cuddly kittens with his heartwarming charm. The series, well, it’s basically the comedy equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to all those TV clichés – it’s a riot!

This Apple TV+ show? It’s the human embodiment of a warm hug, like the kind where you accidentally laugh-snort, all while being wrapped in a cozy blanket of humor. Craftsmanship? Impeccable! Writing? Top-notch! It’s got more sincerity and affection than a grandma’s hug, and it’s all packed into every single frame.

Mythic Quest’ (2020 – )

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
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“Mythic Quest,” which initially went by the name “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” in its first season, is a comedy series brought to life by the imaginative minds of Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney. The series first graced our screens on February 7, 2020, and it transports audiences into the fantastical world of a make-believe video game studio responsible for birthing the wildly beloved MMORPG, Mythic Quest.

This Apple TV+ hilarious series chronicles the struggles of the head of a thriving video game design company and his rather dysfunctional staff as they attempt to maintain the supremacy of their hit game, “Mythic Quest.” Rob McElhenney’s performance is a rollicking spectacle in this free-spirited workplace comedy, offering a delightful dose of tech-savvy fun.

The show ventures beyond the virtual gaming world, delving into the behind-the-scenes action where the team behind the most significant multiplayer video game of all time faces their own epic challenges, which often unravel within the confines of the office.

While “Mythic Quest” cleverly tackles concerns about digital dominance with a satirical touch, it also uncovers humor within the realm of office dynamics, including open-plan frustrations, casual sexism, and management blunders. Its true strength lies in its ability to provide depth to the supporting characters, making viewers genuinely invested in their personal growth while peeling back the curtain on the gaming industry, all with a generous serving of humor.

Hijack (2023)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

“Hijack” is a gripping seven-part thriller miniseries, created by the minds of George Kay and Jim Field Smith, with the enigmatic Idris Elba at the forefront. The series made its debut on June 28, 2023, plunging viewers into a harrowing world of darkness. A hijacked plane embarks on a tension-filled, seven-hour flight from Dubai to London, while authorities on the ground struggle desperately for answers.

This real-time thriller unveils a nightmarish journey as the hijacked plane inches closer to London. Sam Nelson (played by Elba), an astute negotiator from the business world, confronts a grim task as he races against time to save the lives of the passengers. Yet, his audacious strategy teeters on the precipice of his own undoing.

While the Apple TV+ series may flirt with the absurd, occasionally shifting its focus to ground-based characters, such as Archie Panjabi’s anti-terrorism agent, instead of those in the ominous skies, Idris Elba’s mesmerizing presence casts a shadow over it all. His effortless charisma and cryptic allure give “Hijack” a dark and intoxicating edge.

In essence, “Hijack” immerses you in a classic hijacking narrative, a tale of strangers trapped on a plane hurtling towards an uncertain fate, and the relentless undercurrent of dread will keep you spellbound.

Black Bird (2022)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

“Black Bird,” a crime drama miniseries, emerges as a sinister masterpiece born from the shadows. Conceived by the enigmatic Dennis Lehane, it draws inspiration from the harrowing 2010 autobiographical novel “In with the Devil,” a collaboration between the dark souls of James Keene and Hillel Levin. This chilling, six-episode miniseries crept into existence on the ominous night of July 8, 2022, like a phantom’s whisper.

Within its inky depths, “Black Bird” weaves a tale of torment and treachery, with Victor, the fallen secret agent known as “Blackbird,” haunted by the haunting memories of his lover and colleague’s clandestine burial upon his eerie Irish estate. A sudden escape leads him to the tranquil, but equally ominous, shores of the Caribbean, where he reigns over a hotel shrouded in mystery, complete with a nightclub harboring secrets as dark as the abyss. However, the return of Victor’s old flame, Vivian, heralds a symphony of chaos as she drags in the nefarious criminal, Blake, who is but a harbinger of dread.

Victor’s ever-watchful staff soon unveils the ominous threads that bind Blake to a secret society of malevolent war criminals, entangled in a macabre conspiracy to peddle a sinister toxin formula to an even more maleficent criminal entity. Vivian’s clandestine acquisition of the formula ignites a chilling chain of events that forces Victor’s staff to craft a covert duplicate. But beware, for jealousy festers like a poisonous vine when nightclub singer Maddie stumbles upon Victor and Vivian in a wicked embrace, paving the way for a cataclysm of nightmarish consequences.

In the heart of this chilling abyss, Egerton’s performance flickers like a sinister flame, portraying a man who clings to the art of deception as his sole salvation.

“Black Bird” transcends the realm of mere entertainment, morphing into an eerie, thought-provoking tone poem that delves into the shadowy intricacies of masculinity. It beckons viewers into a treacherous labyrinth of crime and chaos, leaving them haunted by introspection about their own sinister navigation through the world.

Widely acclaimed, “Black Bird” stands as a chilling masterpiece, its roots sinking deep into the bowels of the human psyche. Special accolades are reserved for the original narrative of Jimmy Keene, an architect of darkness, and the exceptional cast that has breathed life into this ominous composition. It is a television series that ensnares its audience in a nightmarish web of mood and meaning, transcending the feeble confines of conventional plot-driven storytelling.

Acapulco (2021–)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

“Acapulco” is your ticket to a television series that effortlessly blends Spanish and English in a delicious fusion. Picture this: a trio of creative maestros – Austin Winsberg, Eduardo Cisneros, and Jason Shuman – struck by a bolt of inspiration after a screening of “How to Be a Latin Lover” in 2017. Their brainstorm resulted in this comedy gem gracing our screens on October 8, 2021, and it’s still serving up entertainment galore as of 2023 with three fantastic seasons.

Now, let’s dive into the escapades of Máximo Gallardo, brought to life by the charming Enrique Arrizon. Máximo’s daydreams of the high life turn into a raucous reality when he lands the gig of a cabana boy at Acapulco’s most ritzy resort. But here’s the twist: being a cabana boy is a rollercoaster ride in itself, more intricate than solving a Rubik’s Cube while on an actual rollercoaster. To succeed, he must juggle the whims of demanding guests, cope with a mentor whose moods shift like a disco-floor chameleon, and navigate the labyrinth of his personal life – all while resisting the seductive allure of shortcuts and other tantalizing distractions.

What makes “Acapulco” shine is its artful ability to whip up drama naturally, avoiding the cliché pitfall of tidy resolutions. It’s like trying to keep a map folded perfectly on a gusty day – it keeps unfolding with delightful surprises. The show’s harmonious blend is fueled by a lead performance more captivating than a magician producing rabbits from a hat, and a supporting cast as endearing as a basket of puppies at a comedy club.

As for the setting, it’s like the picturesque backdrop is in on the fun, adding visual appeal and charm to the mix. While it may not dive into the profound musings you’d find in a stuffy library, it more than compensates with an atmosphere livelier than a barrel of monkeys in Las Colinas. “Acapulco” may not be rewriting the TV playbook, but it’s transforming the fictional Las Colinas into the zaniest and most entertaining vacation spot you never knew you craved.

If it were a sandwich, it’d be the kind you can’t resist taking a hearty, messy bite of – even if it means you’ll be gleefully quoting the show’s one-liners for days on end.

Severance (TV Series 2022-)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

“Severance” may seem like a madcap ride through the eccentric world of science fiction, but beneath its quirky exterior lies a thought-provoking story. The visionary Dan Erickson and the dynamic duo of Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle guide us on this journey with a touch of surreal brilliance.

The show’s ensemble cast, featuring the likes of Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, Tramell Tillman, Jen Tullock, Dichen Lachman, Michael Chernus, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette, infuse their performances with depth and complexity, making us ponder as much as we laugh.

The extensive critical acclaim garnered by the series, underscored by its numerous nominations at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, notably in the “Outstanding Drama Series” category, serves as a testament to its capacity to engage and enrapture viewers, all while proffering a multifaceted layer of intellectual depth.

It is with great expectation that we anticipate the forthcoming continuation of “Severance” in its second season, promising a further in-depth exploration of its enigmatic and contemplative narrative.

At its core, “Severance” plunges into the labyrinthine world of Mark and his cadre of office workers, whose surgically partitioned memories open up profound inquiries about identity and the human experience. While the show’s surface may appear whimsical, it subtly beckons viewers to introspection, encouraging contemplation of the intricate tapestry of our own lives.

What began as a cryptic and shadowy series has gracefully transitioned into a cerebral enigma under the astute direction of Ben Stiller, offering a deep dive into the themes of free will and corporate intrigue. In this exploration, it deftly elicits both amusement and introspection, creating an immersive viewing experience.

In essence, “Severance” is an essential choice for discerning audiences who crave substance in their entertainment. It seamlessly merges elements of science fiction, psychological contemplation, and a satirical examination of the corporate landscape, striking an elegant balance between amusement and the exploration of profound questions. The show incites laughter while discreetly encouraging a deeper examination of the themes it brings to light.

Bad Sisters (2022–)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Bad Sisters, originally titled “Emerald,” offers a unique blend of humor and mystery. Imagine a murder mystery unfolding in Dublin, seasoned with a touch of Irish wit. It’s darkly comedic, reminiscent of a pint of Guinness. The series premiered its first two episodes on August 19, 2022, and the second season followed on November 8, 2022.

Sharon Horgan, a mastermind in Irish comedy known for her work on shows like Pulling and Catastrophe, has crafted a narrative that puts a wickedly funny spin on the female revenge premise popularized by Big Little Lies. The Garvey sisters, bound by a pact and the tragedy of their parents’ passing, face life’s chaos with unexpected humor.

Although, it’s worth noting that some viewers might find JP’s character a bit extreme, and toning it down could enhance the show’s overall quality. Nevertheless, Bad Sisters remains a comedy series worth your time!

Shining Girls (2022)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

“Shining Girls” is a gripping thriller series, adapted from Lauren Beukes’ 2013 novel, “The Shining Girls.” The ensemble cast features Elisabeth Moss, Wagner Moura, and Jamie Bell, and the series made its debut on April 29, 2022. The narrative unfolds years after Kirby Mazrachi’s life was upended by a vicious attack, leaving her trapped in a brutal reality. Kirby discovers a connection between a recent murder and her assault, and, alongside a seasoned journalist, she embarks on a journey to unravel her ever-changing present and confront her haunting past.

Notably, “Shining Girls” distinguishes itself by having all its episodes directed by women, with Elisabeth Moss assuming dual roles as a lead actress and producer. This series offers a profound exploration of women in their most vulnerable moments and showcases their resilience and strength.

Series creator Silka Luisa, while adapting and reconfiguring Lauren Beukes’ award-winning novel, weaves a narrative that is deeply rooted in a specific time and place, all while extending its thematic relevance to broader contexts.

“Shining Girls” is a haunting and grim series that frequently plunges into unsettling depths, pushing the boundaries of viewers’ endurance for the brutality inflicted upon its female characters. Yet, within this darkness, the series excels in its intricate plotting, riveting performances, and an overall ambiance that is as compelling as it is thought-provoking.

The Crowded Room ( 2023)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Emerges as a psychological thriller miniseries, born from the creative mind of Akiva Goldsman and hauntingly inspired by Daniel Keyes’ 1981 non-fiction novel, “The Minds of Billy Milligan.

The cast, led by Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, and Emmy Rossum, is accompanied by a sinister ensemble featuring Sasha Lane, Will Chase, Lior Raz, Laila Robins, and Henry Eikenberry.

The narrative unveils the grim odyssey of Danny Sullivan, ensnared within the unforgiving grip of the law following his involvement in a chilling 1979 New York City shooting. His unsettling saga emerges through a series of interviews with the relentlessly probing interrogator, Rya Goodwin, as it reveals the inky depths of his enigmatic past and the ominous twists that foretell a life-altering revelation.

As a whole, “The Crowded Room” presents an unsettling and emotionally daunting enigma. The series navigates treacherous depths, immersing viewers in the chilling embrace of dark and profound themes, rendering it a compelling but often unsettling watch. Notably, the performances, particularly Tom Holland’s portrayal, casting intermittent shadows over his familiar youthful charm, infuse the narrative with depth and sinister allure.

The Apple TV+ series, at times, subjects the audience to a crucible of patience, teasing the promise of a gratifying convergence in episode 6. Yet, for those willing to tread these disquieting waters, the performances resonate with a mesmerizing and disconcerting allure, rendering the journey deeply rewarding.

High Desert (2023)

10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+
10 Must-Watch Shows on Apple TV+

“High Desert” is a comedy series crafted by the imaginative trio of Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, and Jennifer Hoppe-House, gracing our screens on May 17, 2023.

Allow me to introduce you to Peggy, a character as unpredictable as a squirrel on an espresso bender – tough yet tender, impulsive yet brilliant, scattered yet laser-focused, confident yet endearingly needy. Patricia Arquette, in her comedic prowess, weaves Peggy’s contradictions into a side-splitting symphony. After her mother’s passing in the quirky desert town of Yucca Valley, California, Peggy, a mostly reformed former addict, embarks on a life-altering decision: she’s going to be a private investigator.

“High Desert” is a character-driven comedy that feels like it was concocted in a writer’s room fueled by excessive caffeine. Patricia Arquette’s lead performance is downright hilarious, and the series is as delightfully unpredictable as any top-tier comedy should be. What sets it apart from the shadows of satire is the warm, throbbing heart at its core.

Unfortunately, the comedy rollercoaster came to an abrupt halt in July 2023 when the series was discontinued after just one season. But hey, it left us with a year’s worth of laughter and chuckles!


Watch all of these Apple TV+ programs and decide for yourself. If the 10 USD was worth it or not. We are not going to make any judgments about that. It’s your money you can do whatever you want with it.

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