Over The Moon Hindi Trailer 'Chalo Chalen Chand Par': Keep The Rocket Ready For An Adventure With Fei Fei!
Over The Moon Hindi Trailer ‘Chalo Chalen Chand Par’: Keep The Rocket Ready For An Adventure With Fei Fei!

Last week, Netflix released a lot of new movies and series. Over The Moon was one big release on the digital platform. After a long time, the streaming giant has come up with a spectacular animated movie. The film has an amazing voice cast of Phillipa So, Sandra Oh, Ken Jeong, Kimiko Glenn, Ruthie Ann Miles, Cathy Ang, and John Cho. Today, the Indian Youtube channel of the OTT platform shared its Hindi trailer called ‘चलो चलें चंदा पर’ (Chalo Chalen Chand Par).

As the story is about a young girl from China wanting to build a rocket to the moon, it is something that Indian audience will resonate. We all have grown up listening and reading to interesting stories on moon aka Chanda mama, isn’t it?



Due to all the positive reviews flooding for Over The Moon, looks like Netflix wants to cater to more audience in every part of the country. In its review, Koimoi mentioned, “Finding a comfortable place in the list of ‘must-watch animated films’, this one has excellent visuals backed by superlative performances.”

The description for Chalo Chalen Chand Par in Hindi reads, “दिल में बसी माँ की यादों की वजह से, होशियार फ़े फ़े चाँद पर जाने के लिए एक रॉकेट बनाती है, ताकि यह साबित हो सके की चाँद की देवी सिर्फ कहानियों में नहीं, बल्कि सच में है |देखिये फ़े फ़े की कहानी ‘चलो चलें चंदा पर’, सिर्फ नेटफ्लिक्स पर | (Because of the memories of mother in her heart, clever Fei Fei makes a rocket to go to the moon, to prove that the goddess of the moon is not just in stories, but in reality. Watch Fei Fei’s story ‘Chalo Chalen Chand Par’ only on Netflix).”

You will fall in love with the cute voice in Hindi for Fei Fei.

Watch the Hindi trailer below:

Meanwhile, Over The Moon is helmed by Glen Keane, John Kahrs. The story is written by late, Audrey Wells.

Did you like the movie? Will you watch it in Hindi? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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