Kang Actor Jonathan Majors Reacts To Ant-Man B*tt Theory
Kang Actor Jonathan Majors Says Ant-Man B*tt Theory Wouldn’t Work On His As He Is Smarter Than Thanos(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

With the coming of Jonathan Major’s Kang The Conqueror in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, he is considered to be the big bad villain of Marvel’s multiverse saga. Along with that, he is being compared to Thanos, who is so far the baddest MCU villain. Interestingly, a ‘Thanus Bu*t’ theory was quite popular amongst the fans to defeat the mad titan.

According to the theory of the fans, Ant-Man could have easily defeated Thanos in Avengers, if Ant-Man would have shrunk his size, flying up to Thanos’ bu*t and exploding him from the inside. The fan theory was later turned into a meme to which even Paul Rudd called it “gross” and not as simple as it seems. Read on to see what Kang actor has to say about it!

During the promotion of his next outing as Kang The Conqueror, Jonathan Majors was in conversation with IGN and revealed if the Ant-Man Thanus theory could work on his villain. He reveals that he has not heard about this theory but when asked, he simply replies, “Absolutely not!”. When asked why not, Jonathan says, “Because he is smarter than that. Trust me he wouldn’t have it”

However, many are comparing both villains and talking about who is the strongest among both. As shown in Loki season 1, Kang had the ability to travel multiple timelines and these time-traveling abilities trump anything Thanos can manage. Even Loki was surprised to see the Infinity Stones that were just kept in the chest of drawers of the office which depicts Thanos as not the most powerful villain we have seen so far!

In the finale episode of Loki season 1, Miss Minutes reveals He Who Remains, “He created all, and he controls all.” Even if Thanos eliminated half of the universe, he was carrying out his role of another timeline will Kang variant put together!

Let us know what do you think, Who is stronger, Thanos or Kang?

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