Major Fame Sesh Adivi On His Character In Baahubali (Pic credit: Facebook/Sesh Adivi}
Sesh Adivi Opens Up On Prep For Major & His Other Films Including Baahubali(Pic credit: Facebook/Sesh Adivi}

Sesh Adivi has been working hard towards a dream for the past decade, which is bringing Martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s story on the big screen. While on that, Adivi was also a part of the SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali. The Goodachari actor joined Koimoi for an exclusive conversation and spoke about how he is not recognised for Baahubali, and what all went into prepping up to embody Major Sandeep.


Sesh Adivi who made his full-fledged entry in films in 2015 has managed to carve his niche. The actor who joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat had a lot to speak about his upcoming movie Major. The actor fondly remembered meeting Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s family and how he bonded with them. Apart from that, he also opened up on various aspects of his filmography.

When asked if people recognise Sesh Adivi for his part in Baahubali, since it was a magnum opus, he said, “I don’t get a lot of recognition for Baahubali because I had only a 15-minute role. Actually that was the year my career as a hero started. Baahubali came out in 2015; in 2016, I had my first blockbuster movie called Kshanam. And Kshanam got remade in Hindi as Baaghi 2. And the lost of films began. And by God’s grace, all the film since then have been successful. That is also why I have earned the credibility to do Major. I think I am largely known for being the ‘Spy’. It is also a fact that our Telugu films are dubbed in Hindi with weird titles. So many people have seen my films in Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and they have seen the dubbed version and know me by those names.” The actor played Rana Dagubatti’s Balaldeva’s son Bhadra in the movie.


Further, the actor spoke about prepping for Major and how his first look that came out does not include any prosthetics. He said, “Nothing in the look test was done with prosthetics or makeup. Everything was done with the hair and the fact that our faces are a bit similar. That is the reason aunty also felt that. But the tough part in the film, I didn’t realise is that I am left-handed and Major Sandeep was right-handed. So to fire guns, showing all the action with it, I am used to doing that in my Telugu films with my left hand. So I had to re-learn everything, all my experience I have till date was of no use. To sit like him, to talk like him, when he stood, his legs used to be a triangle, I don’t stand like that. To do that naturally in a scene. To find that tone and terror in the voice. To be able to be an Army officer, to be Major Sandeep and to give a convincing performance, got to mention there is still 40 per cent shoot left. So it’s quite a challenge and an ongoing challenge. And I am doing my best.”

Sesh Adivi is finally headlining a pan-India project; in that case, we asked him if he aspired to get into Bollywood someday. To which, he said, “You know when you grow up in California, the idea of Hindi, Telugu, English just doesn’t cross your mind. I think you only want to tell stories. At the end of the day, I think that we are all storytellers sitting around the fire and we are telling stories to each other. I wanted to tell stories that reach a pan-India audience. That was it.”

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