Sonam Kapoor is one Fashionista who steals hearts with her straight forward statements be it about her personal or professional life. The actress along with her leading man Dulquer Salmaan met us for an exclusive conversation during The Zoya Factor promotions and revealed how they deal with social media trolls happening on a daily basis!


When asked about what they do when there’s something unappealing related to them doing rounds, Sonam said, “Ignore it. Honestly, with social media you can clarify anything and everything. Nowadays, whatever gets written… gets written. You can’t change somebody’s opinion about you or tell somebody to stop writing things because with social media, people can just write whatever they want. You can’t do anything but just go, ‘whatever, it’s okay. I’ll just put a nice picture tomorrow and people will forget about it and start writing about my photograph.

Sonam Kapoor On Social Media Trolls: "Will Put 1 Nice Picture & People Will Forget About It”
Sonam Kapoor On Social Media Trolls: “Will Put 1 Nice Picture & People Will Forget About It”

Dulquer on the other hand said, “With time, you get a little more thick skinned. When you start, you’re younger and more sensitive and take it very personally. I used to think, ‘Is this thing wrong with me or am I not a good enough actor?’. But overtime, you kind of realise that you’re blessed with this amazing life and career and you keep going. Eventually, even the ones who hate you will like you. I’ve seen it happening with actors and filmmakers.”

To see out their full statement, check out the video below:


Meanwhile, The Zoya Factor released last Friday to decent reviews from critics and the audience.




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