Nicole Kidman Has 'No Regrets' Divorcing Tom Cruise As That Let To Finding Her Soulmate
Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Regret Getting A Divorce From Tom Cruise(Pic Credit: Getty, Facebook/Keith Urban)

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were once some of the most popular celebrity couples all over the world. Long before Bennifer or Brangelina came into the picture, it was Kidman and Cruise making the headlines. The two met on the set of ‘Days of Thunder’ and eventually got married.


However, it soon came to an end. Their relationship went sour, and there were rumours of the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ actress feeling like an object. Even though the marriage ended and caused a shock to her fans, Kidman believes that it was the right decision.


An insider told OK Magazine, “They were the king and queen of Hollywood, literally the biggest couple on the planet. When they broke up, all hell broke loose.” Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise‘s relationship came to a point where they had to break it off. But as per some rumours, Kidman is glad that she did, otherwise, she would not have met Keith Urban, her husband.

Before Nicole Kidman met Keith Urban, the insider said, “She says she went through hell dealing with that level of fame and all the hysteria that surrounded their relationship.” Kidman and Urband got married in 2006, “Walking away from Tom wasn’t easy, but Nicole has no regrets because ultimately it led her to the man of her dreams,” added the insider.

Kidman found her soulmate in Urban. “Falling in love with Keith changed everything for Nicole,” said the insider. “Keith is her soulmate, and she fully believes that her life with him and the family they built was her ultimate destiny and that he saved her. Even today, she says they’re more in love than ever.”

Whatever happened between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is in the past. Now, the actress and her husband and Keith Urban are happily married. They share two kids, Sunday and Faith together. Nicole also has two kids, Isabella and Connor with Tom.

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