James Gunn Reacts To Rotten Tomatoes Mislabeling Peacemaker As Guardians Of The Galaxy In Their DCEU Timeline
James Gunn Replies To Rotten Tomatoes Referring To Peacemaker As Guardians Of The Galaxy ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Movie Poster )

James Gunn replies to Rotten Tomatoes, mistakenly referring to Peacemaker as Guardians of the Galaxy in the DCEU timeline. Gunn is one such director who has worked in both the biggest superhero franchises to ever exist. He is the helmer of the GOTG series, The Suicide Squad, and the new John Cena show.


He has also written several films like Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead and Scooby-Doo’s live-action film. Currently, the director is busy filming the GOTG Vol. 3 and the Christmas special, which will be hitting the screens by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the third instalment of the Chris Pratt-led movies is said to be releasing in May 2023.


Recently, James Gunn took to Twitter to point out an editorial mistake made by Rotten Tomatoes. For the unversed, while promoting a guide to the DCEU timeline, the review-aggregation website incorrectly labelled The Suicide Squad’s spin-off Peacemaker as Guardians of the Galaxy but with the picture of John Cena’s hit show.

Check out the Rotten Tomatoes’ DCEU timeline here:

“I’m surprised Guardians is after Birds of Prey in the DCEU timeline,” James Gunn wrote while retweeting the Rotten Tomatoes tweet. Several fans also pointed out the mistake under the comment sections. One user sarcastically wrote, “My favorite dceu production,” while sharing a screenshot of Peacemaker being labeled as Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Maybe the Peacemaker team are the DCEU variants of the Guardians, lol,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, Gunn recently got engaged to the show’s lead actress Jennifer Holland. The director announced the news by sharing a photo of Holland wearing the wedding ring.

Fans adored that and congratulated James Gunn in the comments. As for Rotten Tomatoes, they rectified the mistake of incorrectly labeling Peacemaker as MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy in the DCEU timeline.

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