Daniel Craig Is The Highest Paid Movie Star Earning $100 Million Because Of Netflix Streaming Deals
Daniel Craig Tops The List Of Highest Salaries Beating The Rock & Many Others(Photo Credit: Instagram/wikimedia)

Daniel Craig is one of the most successful actors, who has played diverse roles on screen, but nothing matches his role as James Bond. Craig has done four 007 films so far, with the fifth one in the making. Not just success, but the actor has even earned A LOT through the Bond films.

Now, Craig is also on the top of the list of highest-paid movie stars beating some of the most familiar names such as The Rock, Will Smith and many more.

According to Variety’s list of the biggest movie star salaries, Daniel Craig is at the top. These days streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon offer the actors much more than the box office. Craig has managed to walk off with north of $100 million all because of his deal for the Knives Out sequels.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond films and now Knives Out has made him the highest-paid actor. He has beaten Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is in second place with $50 million for Amazon’s film Red One. All of this could not have been possible if the movies would have opted for just a theatrical release.

Other names in the list include Will Smith and Denzel Washington who have tied at the third place. Both the actors have earned $40 million for their WB titles ‘The Little Things’ and ‘King Richard’ respectively. Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts also tie with $25 million each for their Netflix films.

Daniel Craig has charmed all of us with his looks and charms in Bond films. In 2012, ‘Skyfall’ was released, and it grossed $951 million at the box office. No wonder he is the highest-paid actor now.

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