BTS' New Song Leaked Online, ARMY Asks Fans To Not Spread It While Expressing Their Frustration
BTS ARMY Requests Fans To Not Share The Leaked Song Further ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

BTS’ new song was allegedly leaked online, and while some fans are surprised with how that happened, others are requesting it to not be shared further. The South-Korean band, which became a global phenomenon over the years, is ready for their Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Seoul.

Band members Suga, Jin, J Hope, V, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook, are all set to meet the ARMY in person while offering them a much grander show. While fans await the concert, something totally unexpected has happened. One of the band’s new songs has been leaked online.

BTS is expected to release new songs this year, and as per Republic World, one of their new tracks has been leaked. Ever since this news has hit the headlines, ARMY asked Big Hit Music, the group’s record label, to take strict actions against it. The song made its way to Reddit and Twitter, and while the report states it was removed from the former social media site, the latter is still filled with tweets of it.

Not only has the ARMY requested Big Hit Music to take stringent actions, but they have asked other people on Twitter to refrain from sharing the leaked song further. The fans are also furious over the culprit behind it. “no but everyone sharing BTS leaked song are not better than the one who leaked it artists work hard for this,” wrote one fan.

Check out more reactions from the ARMY here:

While some already heard the snippet of the leaked song.

Amidst all this, it is also being said that BTS won’t be making a lot of profits through the Permission To Dance On Stage concert, which is from 10th to 13th March. As per another report, the band can only perform in front of a much smaller crowd while huge costs will go to security, staff, lighting, and so on.

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