Amber Heard Reveals More About Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
Amber Heard Plays Mera In Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

While the focus throughout the six weeks of the trial was on the personal lives of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, seems like we have now ventured into the complexities of their professional front. The two are fighting a defamation suit in the Virginia court and have been making some wild claims and allegations against each other. As we speak, it is Amber who is in the testimony box and revealing some big secrets. One of which is obviously regarding her movie Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.


If you are unaware, the court day before yesterday’s trial discussed Amber’s involvement in Warner Bros’ DC flick Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. Amber revealed that the controversy led to Warner Bros creating distance from her and she has to fight to be in the movie. She even revealed how the script was changed and her scenes were chopped brutally from the updated version.


For the new joiners, Amber Heard Plays Mera in Aquaman which stars Jason Momoa in the lead role. Now as per Heard’s new revelation the studio released her from the contract just before the shoot and now she isn’t sure whether she will be in the film at all. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per Screenrant, Amber Heard while testifying revealed how the makers of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom chose to release her from her contract and she has to fight to stay in it. But there is no surety how much of the final cut will actually have her. She said, “They released me from my contract. And, I fought to stay in it, and they kept me in it; I just don’t know how much I’m in, actually, of the final cut.”

The actor further added how there is a probability that the final cut may not have her at all. “I don’t know if I will even be in the final cut or how much I will be. It was difficult to stay in the movie,” Amber Heard said.

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