Uorfi Javed Sharply Reacted To Aditya Chopra's Comment On Not Being Able To Make Uday Chopra A Star
Uorfi Javed Hits Back At Filmmaker Aditya Chopra Over His Comments On Nepotism ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Uorfi Javed is known for her unusual fashion sense and she never leaves a chance to paint headlines. You may love her, or hate her but you surely can’t ignore her. Apart from her unconventional outfits, she also grabs eyeballs for unapologetically putting out her opinions. She recently lashed out at filmmaker Aditya Chopra over his comments on not being able to make Uday Chopra a star. Scroll below to read the details!

Uorfi is not only known for her outfits but also for her speaking her mind. She knows the art of giving it back like a boss. She recently reacted to Aditya Chopra’s statement about his brother Uday Chopra in one of the episodes of The Romantics. Notably, Aditya spoke about nepotism and had said that his brother couldn’t become a star because the bottom line is, only the audience can decide whom they want to watch. Now, Uorfi has sharply reacted to his comment.

Uorfi Javed took to her Twitter account and wrote, “The sheer ignorance in this statement irritates me so much. Nepotism is not about success, it’s about opportunities. Uday Chopra was not good-looking (not that it matters but I am making a point), wasn’t a good actor, and his movies failed miserably at the box office but he still kept getting work. Had it been some Uday Chauhan (someone not from Bollywood), he wouldn’t have even gotten all those opportunities just after one failed movie. Are you guys going to defend nepotism by using This? Really?

As soon as she posted her reactions, the netizens started reacting. While some came out in her support, others trolled Uorfi Javed for her words.

One of the users wrote, “If you were in his position would you not give your sister opportunities? Please stop this holier-than-thou attitude. Nepotism exists and everyone will try and give an opportunity to the people they love.”

Another user wrote, “Nepotism is a problem in Bollywood, and nepo kids are withering bollywood away. New faces must be welcomed.”

“You are correct. Had he not been Aditya Chopra’s son, he would have not got a single movie.”

Check out the tweet below:

Well, Uorfi Javed’s reaction has left the internet divided. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with her? Let us know in the comments section below!

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