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Uorfi Javed Reveals Getting Forced By Producers To Do Bold & S*xy Scenes ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Uorfi Javed often makes headlines for her sartorial outfit choices but little did we all know, the actress didn’t have it easy in the entertainment industry. She comes from a conservative family where she didn’t have the support of her father but her sheer determination is what is paying off today. In a recent interview, Javed opened up on how a producer forced her to do bold & s*xy scenes for a web series and when she didn’t do it, he sent goons to her house to threaten her. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Having no support or godfather in the entertainment industry comes with a lot of pros and cons. The biggest fear is that anyone can attack you mentally, physically and emotionally at any given moment. But that’s life, that’s how the showbiz works. You learn from your mistakes and grow with time.



In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Uorfi Javed reveals getting replaced on a show without getting a valid reason for the same. The actress said, “On (several) TV shows, without giving any reasons, I was told, ‘Next day se aapko nahi aana hai, hum aapko replace kar rahe hai’. Main toh pareshan ho jaati thi. I was doing a mytho show, and I went to a set in Naigaon at 5.30am. The creative (producer) saw my Instagram which was always very bold. It was a mythology and I was in my room for 6-7 hours. Nobody came in my room, and when I asked them, they said they have replaced me. I think they saw my Instagram and thought I wasn’t fit for a mytho show.”

Talking about getting manipulated by a web series producer, Uorfi Javed said, “I wasn’t told that the series has bold scenes. When I went on the sets, they were forcing me to do it, saying I have signed a contract. They knew ki mere aage peeche koi hai nahi. Eventually I didn’t do the webseries. Maine jhela jo bhi mere saath hua, but on the fourth day I didn’t go to the sets. Unhone mere ghar pe gunde bhej diye. My roommate told me that people were looking for me. Of course, I was scared. Dar lagta hai but kya kare, darr se jeena thodi chod denge yaar. You have to face your fear.”

She’s a baddie and she knows how to handle any goddamn situation that life has to throw on her.

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