The Railway Men On Our Suggestion Meter: Five Reasons You Absolutely Need To Watch This Heroic Yet Disastrous Real-Life Inspired Web-Series Starring Kay Kay Menon, Babil Khan & Others
The Railway Men On Our Suggestion Meter: Five Reasons You Absolutely Need To Watch This Heroic Web Series ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

The Railway Men is a web series currently streaming on Netflix. The story is based on the 1984 Bhopal Gas Leak, a black event in the history of India. The tragedy was triggered by a chemical accident leading to the leakage of toxic gas, which was one of the world’s worst industrial disasters.

The web series, which is streaming on Netflix, stars Babil Khan, Kay Kay Menon, R Madhavan, Divyenndu Sharma, Juhi Chawla, and others. While it has been receiving accolades all over, the content of this show is something that needs to be recognized, shared, and rooted for. And that is what we are here for.

This four-episode series should be your priority, and you should binge on it as soon as possible. Director Shiv Rawail’s treatment of this disastrous tale has been done so right that you connect with the human part of the series within the first few minutes. And what follows next is a heartbreaking & spine-chilling tale which you know will happen, but somewhere, keep praying that it doesn’t.

That is the impact this web series leaves on you. If somewhere down the road, you want that delusional power to turn history if you could. It offers that one moment of a sad truth that deserves all the chances to remain a tale and not turn into a horrific truth.

While there is so much more we want to discuss and elaborate on, we definitely want to keep this discussion spoiler-free. So here are just five reasons why you should absolutely watch The Railway Men.

1. A True Depiction Of How. Why. When. Where. Whom

The series is a true documentation of facts incorporated in such brilliantly categorized episodes that you do not need to brace your memories or do homework about the Bhopal Gas tragedy. The mini-series is an easy and slow walkthrough covering all the how, why, when, and where important to the event. Why did the Bhopal tragedy happen, who was responsible, when and where did it happen, and whom did it finally affect?

2. A Starry Yet ‘No Starry Baggage’ Starcast

The web series consists of a wonderful and brilliant star cast who, before entering into their respective characters, dropped their star status somewhere down the line. So Kay Kay Menon as the station master, R Madhavan as a Railway Officer, Divyenndu Sharma as a constable, and Babil Khan (oh you beauty) as the Railway staff belong to their frames so much that it feels you are reading a document and these characters are a figment of your imagination than the writers.

3. Getting The History Overlaps So Right!

Three major things happened during the year this tragedy happened. The Bhopal Gas Leak, Indira Gandhi’s death, and the Sikh riots that followed. The three events overlap, take their positions in the plot, and blend in smoothly without any obstructions or chain pulling. They just glide into the story and move out as well, making the premise crisp and commendable!

4. The On-Point Production

The depiction of the 80s is so underdone yet so beautifully and intelligently done that you would want to applaud YRF and the team for pulling such a brilliant production with such an apt eye for detailing. Right from telephones to Railway yards, engines, uniforms, quarters, and the lanes of Bhopal. Everything is so on point. Not to forget the factory, the main venue where it all happened.

5. Brisk Writing Minus The Drama!

The Railway Men should take the award for the shortest, heart-wrenching tale of a tragedy delivered with a brisk pace. Despite being a dramatic documentation of one of the worst tragedies that hit humankind, it offers no dramatic scenes. No heroic dialogues. No cape-wearing superheroes. It is as human and as real as it could get. All the points for delivering such a spine-chilling tale so effortlessly.

While I always thought there was no better depiction of this tragedy than the Bhopal Express, which also starred Kay Kay Menon, along with Naseeruddin Shah and others, The Railway Men takes the baton much deservingly and responsibly.

The web series is streaming on Netflix, and you can read our full review here to know more about the web series.

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