The Last Of Us Episode 2 Kissing Scene During A Death Sequence Went Viral, Fans Calls It Disgusting
The Kissing Scene Of The Second Episode Of The Last Of Us Has Put The Internet On Fire ( Photo Credit – A Still From The Last of Us )

The Last of Us HBO series was one of the most anticipated projects ever since it was announced and the audience was eagerly waiting for it. Initially, the casting of the series raised some eyebrows. However, it was later well-received by the fans and currently, the death scene of Tess has set the internet on fire.

Interestingly, the HBO series, The Last Of Us has once again proved that when it comes to heartbreaking death scenes, no one can do better than HBO. The cycle started with Game Of Thrones which somewhat mastered the art of killing major characters. The second episode of the ongoing series (The Last of Us) has brought back the memories from the dark past but it’s the kissing scene that took away all the limelight. Scroll below to read why the viral kissing scene is making noise on the internet.

As soon as the death scene of Tess surfaced on the internet, the gross kiss, in the end, went viral. To simply put, Tess’s character was already infected so she stayed back to hold back the zombie fleet while Ellie and Joel went ahead with their mission. As soon as Tess covers herself and the whole Capitol building she was unable to light the lighter. Soon after that, one of the monstrous creatures spots her and the fans get to witness one of the most ‘disgusting’ moments where a zombie pushes its tendrils into Tess’s throat. The scene took the internet by storm and fans have some epic reactions to it.

After witnessing the gross kissing scene in the death scene of The Last of Us surfaced on the internet, fans were quick to respond with memes. While some of the fans said that grossness was unnecessary, some even used their humour to express their disgust. Check out the reactions below:

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