The Kapil Sharma Show: Man Interrupts The Show & Demands Money From Terence Lewis
The Kapil Sharma Show: Man Stops The Show & Demands Rs. 50,000 From Terence Lewis ( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Choreographer Terence Lewis along with Malaika Arora and Geeta Kapur graced the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. While everyone was having fun, suddenly a man from the audience threatens to stop the show until Terence doesn’t return his Rs. 50,000 which were taken by his team. Everyone on the set became silent as his accusation seemed legit; on the other hand the choreographer was in shock.

The dancer along with the host and guests were really confused as they weren’t expecting something like this to happen.



The man explained the whole matter on the show, he said, “I’m a dancer and one month ago, after a struggle, I reached Terence’s office. There were four-five others with me and Terence’s team told us to rehearse. I couldn’t meet Terence Lewis but he had an assistant so I requested to meet him at least.”

Although the man didn’t get the chance to meet Terence Lewis at his office, his assistant asked him to perform and took his details, he added, “The team didn’t say anything concrete but they kept telling me that they would make me meet him. After waiting a bit, I met his assistant instead. He asked me to perform for him and took my details. We kept waiting as they posed different demands like wear this costume and dance, perform on so-and-so songs, etc. I said, ‘If there’s a show coming, at least send us for the audition.’ But nothing. They troubled me a lot.”

He further shared, “After a month, I called to inquire and they told me, ‘We don’t like your dance so much and there are other issues. You send us ₹50,000. You send us the money and we’ll at least help you clear the audition.”

Meanwhile, Geeta Kapur questions the man, “Did Terence tell you this?” he replied saying, “No, no, he didn’t. I don’t know if he’s involved in it or not but his assistant was.”

After listening to the man’s story Terence Lewis asked him about the details, he presented the choreographer with the transaction copy of Rs. 50,000 and the name of the individual who asked for money from him. Turns out, the person does work with the dancer and the situation left Terence speechless. However, the dancer assured him to return his money but the man was adamant that he won’t leave without taking his money.

When things started becoming more serious and security was called, comedian Kapil Sharma broke the ice; he walked to the man and said, “I would like to say something here. Please applaud this man, he’s an amazing actor.”

Everyone on the set burst into laughter including Archana Puran Singh but Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora and Terence Lewis were still in shock, he said, “I thought it was true. I thought it was real.”

The trio applauded the man for his realistic yet mind-blowing acting skills.

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