The Crown: From 57 Million Viewing Hours After Queen Elizabeth's Death To Season 4's 96% Critic Score On Tomatometer & Season 2's 97% Audience Scores On RT - All The Stats You'd Love To Know!
The Crown Registered 57 Million Viewing Hours On Netflix After Queen Elizabeth Passed Away ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

One of the most loved shows on Netflix, The Crown, has finally ended its long run, and the audiences cannot get over this fact yet. While many have refrained from watching the finale episode since it is too heartbreaking for them to bid adieu to their favorite show, others simply do not want to kill the majestic impact of the previous seasons by watching the underwhelming sixth season.

However, the show has been grabbing headlines ever since the final part of the final season has dropped its episodes on Netflix. In fact, the finale episode ‘Sleep, Dearie, Sleep’ has been a subject of much discussion around what Imelda Staunton, Olivia Colman, and Claire Foy’s coming together meant.

The cameos by the two Queen Elizabeths, played by the two fantastic actresses coming together with the Queen in her 80s, was a rather confusing episode that got mixed reactions. While the actresses were applauded for their performances, it also left a question mark over the loose scripting scattered all over the place.

Though all said and done, The Crown has been one of the most loved shows in the history of the digital world. The show has an average Tomatometer rating of 81% and an audience score of 92% for all six seasons combined on Rotten Tomatoes. Check out the ratings of all the seasons of the show ranked in order of high to low according to their audience score.

Rank 1 – The Crown Season 2

The second season shot to an all-time high when Philip was crowned as Prince Philip, which was brilliantly played by Matt Smith. It showcased Queen Elizabeth’s journey from 1956, and the timeline was a rather important one for the British Empire.

Tamamotemeter Rating – 89%

Audience Score – 97%

Rank 2 – The Crown Season 1

The first and the most magnificent season of the show was a compelling start to a show no one imagined would rule and how. However, it was such a just portrayal that it left everyone spellbound.

Tamamotemeter Rating – 88%

Audience Score – 95%

Rank 3 – The Crown Season 4

It was probably one of the best seasons of the show, which had one of the best monologues by Philip explaining the importance, relevance, and significance of the Queen To Emma Corrin, who played Princess Diana in season 4.

Tamamotemeter Rating – 96%

Audience Score – 94%

Rang 4 – The Crown Season 3

The first time, the cast of the show changed to show relevant aging, which was a breath of fresh air. Olivia Coleman took charge as Queen Elizabeth from Claire Foy, and no wonder she was put on a pedestal and pressured due to Claire’s magnificent portrayal of The Queen in the earlier seasons. While the first two seasons were about the Royal culture, this season particularly took the audience en route to their personal lives and was an immediate hit.

Tamamotemeter Rating – 90%

Audience Score – 92%

Rank 5 – The Crown Season 5

The show started losing its charm in this very season when Peter Morgan started losing his vision and attention between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana. The show failed to give proper significance to Queen Elizabeth, and it definitely impacted the ratings.

Tamamotemeter Rating – 71%

Audience Score – 88%

Rank 6 – The Crown Season 6

The major highlights of the final season are Princess Diana‘s death and Prince Charles‘s wedding to Camilla Parker, which are the initial and final episodes of the season, respectively.

Tamamotemeter Rating – 55%

Audience Score – 86%

Here are some more stats about this magnificent show.

The Royal Budget

The first season was mounted on a budget of $140 million, and according to a report by The Guardian, the second season pushed the boundary and scale to almost double the amount! A gamble that paid off brilliantly!

The Viewership – 21 Million Times!

Netflix revealed the viewership data of the show for the first time in 2020. In the first four weeks, the third season was watched 21 million times. This was around 40 times higher than the record for season 3 for the same number and duration of days!

Queen Elizabeth’s Death & 57 Million Viewing Hours!

After Queen Elizabeth died in 2022, the first and the second seasons of the show registered a major spike in viewership since they dealt with the reign of a young Queen Elizabeth and her crowning! While the first season registered 40 million hours of global viewing in a week after The Queen’s death, the second season registered 17 million viewing hours.

Well, no wonder the Netflix drama has been one of the most entertaining shows on the Royal Family of Britain. The show streams on Netflix.

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