The Boys Season 4 Trailer Sees The Return of Black Noir
The Boys Season 4 Brings Back Dead Black Noir! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

The makers have finally released the Boys Season 4’s first official trailer, and while people are wrapping their heads around what’s coming in the upcoming season, they are left shocked by the return of Black Noir. It was a mysterious character who always had his mask on. He was also one of the members of The Seven, a group of superheroes managed by Vought International. However, the character was killed off in season 3 of the series; hence, his return has intrigued the fans’ interest. Apart from that, the upcoming season will introduce two new series.

Nathan Mitchell portrayed the character of Black Noir, which had a different origin from the comic book. Although the makers of this popular series have been faithful to the material, they strayed off in the case of Mitchell’s character. The new supes that we got to see in season 4’s trailer will be joining the superhero team to fill in for the supes who died or were exiled. Keep scrolling to get all the deets.

In the official trailer of The Boys Season 4, we see Black Noir standing behind Antony Starr’s Homelander in one of the scenes. As per comics, Black Noir is a clone of Homelander created by Vought as a backup. They made him for an occasion if Homelander went rogue and out of control. But in the series, we see him as a totally different person from the one Nathan Mitchell played.

Now, with the mask-wielding superhero back in The Boys Season 4 raises doubt about his death in the last season; one- did he not die? And two- are the makers finally going with a comic book and making a clone of Homelander, and he is acting as Black Noir? We all have to for the fourth season to get all our answers. Many fans have been speculating that the antagonist, Sam Riordan from the The Boys spin-off Gen V, might be the new Black Noir. At the same time, many are just glad that the character is back on the show.

One of the users wrote to X, “I thought black noir is dead? Or is it a clone just like the comics.”

Another said, “What the fuck do they have planned for Black Noir…We all know what happened in Season 3…”

A third one wrote, “oh my god, black noir is coming back in s4…am i okay? no. come back to me in 5-8 business days.”

Followed by another, “Glad to see Black Noir is safe and sound.”


As for the new supes, Susan Heyward would appear as Sister Sage and Valorie Curry as Firecracker. Sister Sage and Firecracker’s abilities and powers have been kept under wraps, but as per reports, they will have certain superhuman powers, and that’s a given. Sister Sage might have the capabilities of telepathy and magic, while Firecracker’s will have something to do with pyrokinesis. The most exciting thing about these two characters is that they are not there in the comic book; as a result, the fans are more excited to see them in Season 4 and how they would contribute to the storyline.

The Boys Season 4 will be out in 2024 on Amazon Prime Video, and the trailer has been released on December 2nd at Brazil’s CCXP.

Check out the trailer here:

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