The Boyfriend On Netflix: All You Need To Know About Japan's First Same-Sex Dating Reality Show
The Boyfriend On Netflix: All You Need To Know About Japan’s First Same-Sex Dating Reality Show ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

After The Ultimatum: Queer Love, another LGBTQIA+ dating reality series is coming to Netflix, this time, set in Japan. The Boyfriend marks the first same-sex dating show in Japan and follows nine men who endeavor to find their true love.

As these men spend a month together under the same roof, they form connections and friendships, with their dynamics changing constantly. Here is all you should know about Netflix’s The Boyfriend, including the release date, hosts, and trailer.

The Boyfriend on Netflix: Release Date

The Boyfriend will premiere on Netflix on July 9th. The reality show will have 10 episodes, which will be released in four weekly batches on Tuesdays. Netflix announced the premiere date of the show with a teaser trailer that showcases a group of men forming connections and sharing some sweet moments with each other as Glen Check’s track ‘Dazed & Confused’ plays in the background. Watch it below:

What to Expect from Netflix’s The Boyfriend?

The series is being touted as a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’ that will not only focus on romantic relationships but also on the personal growth the cast goes through as they bond with each other. The premise of the series makes nine men live together in a beach house for a month, in search of love.

During the course, the contestants will take turns to work at a peppermint green coffee truck in shifts. The experience will make them form some beautiful friendships and relationships with each other, and they get to learn some things about themselves they had never observed before.

Who Hosts The Boyfriend on Netflix?

The reality series will be hosted by ‘an eclectic mix of personalities’ including actress Chiaki Horan, drag queen Durian Lollobrigida, singer Thelma Aoyama, comedian-actor Yoshimi Tokui, and actress MEGUMI. YouTuber, model, and DJ Taiki serves as a producer and casting director on the project.

Speaking about bringing the mix of contestants on the show, Taiki said, “I’m so happy with how this series took shape. I listened to each participant with a goal to produce a show that left everyone feeling valued and loved.”

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