More Eleven’s Sisters To Enter Stranger Things 4?
Stranger Things 4 Might Welcome More Sisters Of Eleven ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Stranger Things 4 is riding with many expectations on its back, and the team is making sure they don’t mess things up this time. While the viral set images are hinting towards a lot of things, from a death to combat to some fun sequences, not much about the plot is revealed as of yet. Of course, David Harbour, aka Jim Hopper, has revealed that it is unlike everything that you have seen in the show.

Now, we all know how deeper and complicated a mystery Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown is. Her entry to the show and what created her in itself was such an event that the fans dread those visuals. But while we all are hooked on what takes place in Russia now and if Eleven is up for some bigger dangers, the new reports suggest that Millie’s character will not be the only one like her in the show, but will have more sisters stepping in season 4. Yes, you read that right. Read on to know everything you should about this surprising update of the day.

As per We Got This Covered, Stranger Things 4 is all set to feature not just Eleven but a few of her sisters too. There are no details on how the makers are planning to fit them into the scheme of things, but the speculations are strong. It is said they might meet us in the finale of season 4. Now, if you have seen the latest promo of the show, we see Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner returning to the series. It also shows that even more children are being used as lab rats for the experiment. So this could be the entry of the sisters.

Meanwhile, in an expanded universe, a comic book series based on Stranger Things has revealed that there is a girl named Nine, the most powerful of them. She is upset with her twin sister who betrayed her and ran to Hawkins. Are we connecting the dots?

However, the presence of Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven’s sister was confirmed in season 2 episode 7 of Stranger Things itself. Titled The Lost Sister, Ele was on a hunt for a girl with the title Eight. The episode received mixed responses, but it was said to be a gateway to the bigger context that is waiting ahead. We might have probably arrived there.

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