Hwang Dong-hyuk Reveals Squid Game Was Going To Be A Movie
Squid Game Has Become The Most Successful Show On Netflix (Photo Credit: IMDb & Twitter)

There is nothing at this moment in the digital world across the world that can possibly stop Squid Game, which has fast become the most successful show on Netflix. It was released on September 17, and within weeks of its streaming has broken all the viewership records on the platform, leaving behind that last top successful show Bridgerton. But did you know the maker had envisioned the show as a movie and not an episodic series?

For the unversed, Squid Game is a fictional show about a dystopian set where over 400 contestants, who are in high debt, agree to play deadly children games which will give them hoards of money. But if they lose, they have to pay for it with their lives. The show with all the blood and brutal nature has managed to strike a chord with the audience. Maker Hwang Dong-hyuk has now opened up on shaping the show as a movie.



We all know the hardship Hwang Dong-hyuk went through to make Squid Game a reality. The filmmaker struggled with the script in his hand for 10 years, with a financial crisis midway to an extent where he sold his laptop. He now elaborates on thinking of making a movie out of the script.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk said, “So back in 2008, I had a script that I had written, which I was running around with trying to get investment, but it didn’t work out and it wasn’t made into a movie. So that actually put me into a really difficult financial situation — I was broke. So I spent a lot of time killing time in comic book cafes, reading. And I read a lot of comic books revolving around surviving death games — manga like Liar Game, Kaiji and Battle Royale. And well, I read some stories about these indebted people entering into these life-and-death games, and that became really immersive for me because I was struggling financially myself.”

The Hwang Dong-hyuk added, “I was even thinking that I would love to join a game like that, if it existed, to make a bunch of cash and get out of this terrible situation. And then that got me thinking, “Well, I’m a director. Why don’t I just make a movie with this kind of storyline?” So that’s how it all got started. I decided that I wanted to create a Korean survival game piece in my own way. That’s how Squid Game was initially conceived in 2008, and then I wrote a script for a feature-length film version throughout 2009.”

Would you have loved the show with the same intensity of it was a film and not a series? Tell us in the comments section below.

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