'Squid Game' Extras Were Offered 5 Million Won To Pose Semi-N*de With Animal Print Body Paint?
‘Squid Game’ Extras Were Offered A Whopping Amount With Some Perks To Pose Semi-N*de With Animal Print Body Paint? Here’s What We Know ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

South Korean survival game drama Squid Game has become Netflix’s most successful show ever. The show managed to capture the interest of the audience globally within days of the release. Actors who starred in the series received global recognition and took home whooping salaries.

Not only the lead actors but also the extras, who were painted in animal print body paint, in one of the scenes involving the VIPs also were paid big money for the brief role? The artists who posed for the semi-n*de scenes were paid big fat paycheque.



As reported by ETimes, Raye – A YouTuber has revealed that she was offered 5 million KRW, which is estimated to be around USD 4,250, to feature in the role in Squid Games. She also revealed details about the offer. She claimed that her recruiter told her she could not wear a bra as the scene required individuals to have bodypaint of various animals. However, she was given the liberty to wear underwear and stickers to cover her modesty.

The extras would have to don full-body paint that would even be applied on her face. Furthermore, they also assured her that the scene would not require the characters to be “se*ual” and it would be a non-speaking one. There were some perks for the role as well.

The team of Squid Game offered her perks including full accommodation, meals and pick-up services during the 3-day shoot stint. However, the YouTuber Raye rejected the role as she felt shady. Further explaining her decision, she said that the team did not inform her of the name of the show she would be shooting for.

The popularity of the Netflix series is at an all-time high. So have you watched the Squid Games yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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