Simaran Kaur Appreciates Audience's 'Love' That She Received
Simaran Kaur Speaks On Her Career As An Actor ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Simaran Kaur has dedicated her life to her craft. In the last four years, she has worked on three TV shows, ‘Agnipera’, ‘Aghori’ and is also a part of the ongoing ‘Aggar Tum Na Hote’.


“I have tried to learn and improve every day as an actor. The audience has showered lots of love and support on me for being a good actor. It’s their love that makes me perform better,” Simaran says.


Among all three, ‘Aggar Tum Na Hote’ is the turning point of her career. “The amount of love and appreciation I have got from the audience for the show is tremendous and overwhelming. I feel blessed,” she adds.

She does work on shows, films and web series to observe how other actors are performing. “I think it is natural for any actor to watch something and try to analyze it so that one can learn from it. I love repeating Hindi movie dialogues in a dramatic manner for fun. But at the same time, I aspire to be my original authentic self in front of the camera,” Simaran Kaur says.

Research is a big part of the job, but it varies from person to person. “Every actor is different, some like to research what others have done and some like to have a fresh take on a role. I also want to bring something new to each role and research a little but try not to research too much on what has been done earlier so that I don’t end up imitating it unknowingly,” Kaur explains.

Some are natural actors, while many others become one with their sheer hard work. “I think every actor in our industry is very hard working. Even if they are natural actors they have to get into the character, memorize their lines, and learn different dialects. Maybe natural actors take less time but I feel acting is a game of perseverance,” she says.

Unlike a film where an actor gets to see the final result, in a TV show one gets the opportunity to see episodes and learn what one did right and correct it. “I am my own critic. Every day I watch my show on TV and then tell myself I could have done this better, I should have done this or that. Very rarely I feel I have nailed a scene but when I do I treat myself with chocolate ice cream,” Simaran Kaur concludes.

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