Shweta Tiwari Gets Relief From Court In FIR Filed By Estranged Husband Abhinav Kohli
Shweta Tiwari Gets Relief From Court (Photo Credit: Instagram)


It has been seen that since the past several months the estranged husband of Shweta Tiwari has been approaching various authorities for taking legal action against her. Recently when Shweta Tiwari had gone to cape town for the shooting of her reality show which falls under her professional / work commitment, some videos of Mr Abhinav Kohli were doing rounds on the internet, suggesting that an FIR has been registered against her and that she had fled the country in violation of the proceedings pending before the court.

In response to this, a source close to Shweta Tiwari has shed some light on these allegations made by Mr Abhinav Kohli.


The source has said, “It is correct that an FIR is filed in the year 2021 for the alleged offence committed in 2017 which pertains to forging of a NOC of Abhinav Kohli permitting their minor son to apply for a visa for travelling to the UK. The source further says that as per Abhinav, his signature on The NOC was forged by Shweta which seems rather odd as in the same year Abhinav has gone ahead and given another NOC for the purpose of securing a visa for their son to travel to the same country. The source further added that if Abhinavs signature was forged by Shweta then why would he give the same NOC at a subsequent date for travel to the same country. Furthermore, if the alleged forging was committed in 2017 then why did Abhinav wait until 2021.”

The source has also handed over to this correspondent the copy of the order dated 14.07.2021 passed by the honourable sessions court (Greater Bombay) granting anticipatory bail to Shweta Tiwari in the same FIR registered in the instance of Abhinav Kohli.

Her application which was argued by Advocate Hrishikesh Mundargi and Subir Sarkar and
was finally allowed in favour of Shweta Tiwari the honourable session judge while allowing this anticipatory bail application and after considering the intervention application filed by Abhinav Kohli through his lawyer and after hearing their submission, has held that there is not even a single ground necessitating the arrest of Shweta Tiwari and that she is entitled to protection from arrest.

Shweta has always led her life with dignity and chosen not to wash her dirty linen in public unless and until it comes to the safety of her family this time around too she spoke up only when the mud was slung at her daughter and family by and large…it is sad a lady with such reputed work to her credit and a character and personality this strong has to go through what she is because of her marital decisions going wrong

We got in touch with Shweta but she was not available for comments.

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