Diljot Chhabra Opens Up On Her Role In Upcoming Show 'Ziddi Dil'
Diljot Chhabra Talks About Her Character In Ziddi Dil, Says “I Had Tried To Keep It Natural & Realistic” (Image Credit: Instagram/diljotchhabra)


Actress Diljot Chhabra, who will soon be seen in the upcoming show, “Ziddi Dil”, says that she has tried her best to keep her character as natural and realistic as she can. The actress also opened up about the challenges she faced and went on to call the role physically demanding.

In the show, Diljot plays the role of a special training officer who hails from Bundelkhand called Sanjana a.k.a. Sanju.


Talking about her character, Diljot tells IANS: “I am the only lady officer amongst all the prominent characters in the group full of confidence and determination. She is tough and always ready to get into action at any time.”.

Diljot finds the character relatable with her own personality as she says: “In my personal life there have been circumstances that made me more driven, responsible and thick skinned over time.”

The actress feels that it is up to the audience on how they are going to connect with it but she has put in efforts to keep it realistic. “I had really tried to keep it natural and realistic as if Sanjana could fight for her dreams, her duty with so much passion and confidence then all the girls or even boys out there who come from a restrictive family can do it too.”

She adds: “It is for the audience to decide how much they relate with the character. Although I would like to mention here that my character has had her own journey and experiences that made her rough and tough.”

Since the show covers various sentiments, Diljot feels that the versatility of all the characters will be highlighted in the show. “It covers various genres from romance, action, comedy and drama. The show tries to keep the authenticity of an army camp alive. Every character brings you something new, be it dreams, passion, proving themselves or simply their ‘Ziddi Dil’,” says the actress.

Diljot finds her role challenging as she explains: “It is very demanding physically as I am playing the role of a lady officer. You know performing all those action sequences, drills and staying true to the character at the same time is a little challenging.”

Moreover, language is also an issue for her as ‘Sanjana’ comes from Bundelkhand so getting the accent is a bit tricky and tough. “Your accent is most important while playing these kinds of roles to look authentic and it is never an easy task. But being an adventurous and confident person, it was easy to get into the skin of character and give my best shot.”

“Ziddi Dil” is going to start in August on Sony SAB.

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